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Blog: Find and document – visually and textually – a phenomena. It should include things, frameworks, and clockworks.

A phenomenon is usually a temporary event that is perceived by one of the senses of the mind. A phenomenon can be broken down into three parts, clockwork, framework and things.

The phenomenon I chose to blog about, is one that is currently occurring at the U of M campus. All around us trees are changing from green to brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow, due to the changing seasons.

Things – The things in this phenomenon are the leaves, because they are physical entities. Like all matter that has mass and weight, you can eat a leaf (even though I am not too sure you would want to). Also, a leaf or a tree is measurable and weighable.

Frameworks – I suppose the framework for this phenomenon is the tree that the leaves are connected too. Although the leaves are changing and falling, the tree always stays as it is. It doesn’t change with the season. The trunk, the branches, the twigs, all of them are set forever in alternating or opposite relationships (you like that tie into my biogeography class don’t you. Stupid biogeography, filling my head with clouds and trees).

Clockwork – Clockwork drives this whole phenomenon. This particular clockwork is the 4 seasons, winter, spring, summer and fall. Ever repeating, in a completely predictable pattern, that comes each year.


Great stuff!!!