Day 3, 12/29/10

Blog 12/29
Lecture about the environment and development plan for Akumal. Want to develop it like they developed Cancun. Playa del Carmen is also being developed in much the same way. Create jobs temporarily. Federal govn't is only elected for 6yrs. which means they do not think long term. Just want to make their money. Hotels get permission to build three stories but end up building five stories. Just fined a one-time fee and the fee is often built into the cost plan. Politicians like the fee b/c they make money. No hotel has ever had to take off the extra two stories. In Cancun the beach front is rapidly disappearing. Used to have a luscious white-sand, blue Caribbean waters and long beaches. Now they have to ship in sand from elsewhere. Because of the wall of hotels sand gets blown back into area, covering coral reefs and destroying them. Tourists don't like the feel of sea grass so it is removed further exacerbating the problem. CEA is trying to get people to think about the environment as a product, not think that use of it is free. You come here to enjoy the environment. Don't trash it. We went snorkeling.
When digesting all of the information that was presented to the group about the development of the Akumal region there were many things that came to mind about different and more efficient ways to modernize the region. In general the whole development of the region will create work and money for the locals for only a short period of time. This could lead to more poverty because the "big business" owners really have no desire to give back to the community. The development is not technically needed for the region but politicians think otherwise. It is important to help preserve the area and the modernization of the area with take away from the natural habitat of the region along with destroying extreme amounts of jungle. The business plan has a growth projected of over 200,000 people in the next 25 years which will produce large amounts of trash, emissions, and other things that are not needed. When taking into consideration the entire plan and process of the development really makes the group think twice about what they do and how we treat the environment after learning about what we need to do to help preserve the region of Akumal.

Well taking in all of the information that has been given to the group it personally makes people twice about our living styles we come from. Some group members feel that there should be more develop places similar to CEA because the need of a 5-star hotel isn't necessary. Overall the day went very smoothly and we will all take in the information that was presented to us and hopefully use the same living styles when we travel back to the states. We were all very appalled that the government is selling Mexico the Spaniards. This is no way to treat the environment and it is not acting in the interests of the people that call this region home.

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