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Anatomy of a Poster


As you look at this poster you can see that they are making strong references to radiation with the title, person with the gas mask, and the radiation warning symbols floating down from the main bubble. You can also see that they are referencing a mushroom cloud with the shape of the black object. And the colors chosen seem to have a pop art influence as well.


Parody: anatomy #1

I found it particularly shocking to read that this poster was placed along with the original iPod ads and that many people just thought it was part of the apple campaign. I know that the designer, Copper Greene, created this poster in order to get word out to the masses about what was going on over in Iraq, but i dont think it was appropriate for them to place it along with the original campaign posters. Those posters are everywhere and there are some people such as young children who i believe should not be exposed to images like this.

2nd Poster Rough Drafts

4 Rough Draft Posters

Reading #4: International Design

When I was reading this article I found it surprising that he said the Iranian design schools don't really teach their students the fundamentals of communication and other stuff that is important in the graphic design field. If the message is unclear to the audience then what is the point of the design? You shouldn't have to use have a separate description to help explain the design to you. The design schools over there should change their curriculum so their design students can get the most design training they can so they can be the best graphic designers they can.

International Design

Joram Rozov, Israel

The type of imagery in this poster from Israel is a pile of sand bags that are generally used to hide behind in war zones. There is not much color included besides tans and browns. This could be the case because there is not much color in the israeli culture, along with the fact that the sand bags are all just one solid color. Adding more color wouldn't enhance the poster in anyway.

I could see the message being conveyed in this poster being seen the same way in the US. However, i could see some people thinking more of coming together in floods and helping with creating sand bag dams as well as war issues.

There definitely not more humor in this design. It seems like a lot of American posters about war try to make it more humorous in order to cut the tension, whereas this one is simply to the point.

One of the cultural influences shown in this design is that there are probably a lot of these bags piled up in that part of the world since it seems like there have been a lot of wars in the region. the people of that area will probably be able to take a look at this poster and know exactly what it is referring to. Also i am pretty sure many Israeli people read right to left so it is fitting that the text is written that way.

research for DIVERSITY poster

For my diversity poster i am thinking about doing a poster that is somewhat of a 1950's throwback ad for different flavored ice cream. I looked at the internet for examples of old ads and here are some examples of what i found that could work for my idea.

-I like how these show excitement from the people in the ads and show that the products are really good

-In this one i like how the people are kinda cartoonish and not recognizable (can be anyone)

-i just thought this one was hilarious

Reading #3: Charity Work

While reading this week's chapter I found it interesting to hear that many design companies are willing to put some of their paying clients on hold for a few days in order to work solely on their charity client's work. Even though the charity clients don't pay as much it is nice to know that they hold some importance in the design world. If I was asked to create a poster or design something for a charity I think i would do the same thing. Even though it would mean working with a smaller budget and all that, I think it would be a lot more fun having more creative freedom and having to figure out how to create the best thing with the resources I am given. It would definitely switch things up a bit.

Research for COEXIST poster




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