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Gotta Have It (Dada Style)


Dada examples


Contemporary Issues throwback design


Here is a cover for some sort of magazine about war issues. It has a a pop art style to it but is still contemporary in some ways.

Statement of Intent (come together poster)

The whole concept behind this poster design is to show how the world could come together and accomplish something. Therefore, I made the planet earth into a flower pot and had the words 'Come Together' growing out of it. I also chose to make the flowers purple because it is a pretty universal color.

Magazine Article

I looked through some of my Popular Photography magazines and found an article that was called "Catching Kids". This article was about how to capture the photos of kids.

There were 8 photos that showed some great examples of how to take the best photos of kids in different situations. Whether it was 5 year olds playing soccer or a high school graduation, they all seemed to be perfect examples of what to do.

Not only did the photos go well with the article but the typography did as well. The main portion of the article was just basic Times New Roman, which is typical for every article, but the character type that was used for the title was perfect. Since the article is about photography of children, they used a font that looks like a kid had written it. It just brought the article to the next level.

Catching Kids Article

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