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First song of the Day: Day #3 (4/30)

Today the first song i heard was:

Umbrella, by Rihanna

I laughed when it came on blaring in my car because it of course was raining and i had forgotten my umbrella in my apartment. Lets just say it brought a little light to my gloomy rainy day.

First song of the Day: Day #2 (4/29)

Today the first song i heard when walking to class was:

Pirelli's Miracle Elixir
-from the Sweeney Todd movie soundtrack

It was a nice start to my day because it is a cheerful song from one of my favorite movies. I also thought it fit well with today because it is gloomy and rainy which goes along with the movie theme perfectly.

Pirelli's Miracle Elixir

First song of the Day: Day #1 (4/28)

I decided for my final GD1 project to blog about the first song i hear everyday.

Today that song was Escape (the pina colada song), by Rupert Holmes.
I always end up with a big smile on my face when i listen to it. It also makes me think of how fun it is to go jump puddles in the rain and for some reason palm trees, even though it has nothing to do with palm trees. It sounds like such a happy song until you listen closer to the lyrics. It is not just about pina coladas but is actually a guy singing about how he got sick of his girlfriend and put an ad in the classifieds. How can such a happy sounding song be about a guy cheating? o well i still love it!


Reading #6: ch4 Layout

After reading this chapter i have some ideas of how to layout my text and photos in my booklet. I am going to create visual hierarchy by leaving white space. I am also going to attempt to show juxtaposition with the imagery of a farm and industrial equipment. And all the text is going to be center aligned.

Reading #5: ch2-3 Layout

When thinking about how i am going to put my booklet together i am going to take a hint from design studios and research all the different solutions and what has been used in similar projects in the past. I am also going to research more about the product. I am going to also take note from the reading and create unity, heirarchy, and repetition in my design by using color, texture, and grid.

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