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What Inspires Me

I have always been interested in retro (50's-60's) designs. I feel that most of the designs from that time are very unique and interesting yet still functional with most things it is incorporated into. When i found this image of a poster i was immediately drawn to it because of all the interesting colors and styles that are within each box. I also like how every one is different from the next but yet they all seem somewhat unified in style. It also represents retro designs very well. Even though the general layout of the poster is extremely simple, I believe it does a good job of complimenting the actual designs within the boxes and not distracting the audience from the main idea.


What I want/ need to learn about GD

One thing that I have been wanting to learn more about is how I can incorporate the ideas and tools I am learning now in my classes into an actual career in GD after I graduate and start designing professionally. I have learned some things but I know there is so much more information about it out there.

I would also like to learn how to create more sophisticated and innovative designs. The work I am doing now is the best that I can create with the knowledge and experience that I have so far, but it would be great to build on my skills so that I can create work that is more advanced.

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