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Some thoughts about Minnesota digital plan...

Compared to the three National Plans and the evaluation from other states' plan in Zhao's article, the digital learning plan of Minnesota focused not only on k-12 level but whole school system, includes higher education. I really appreate this because I believe higher education institutes have more resources, they can provide academic and technical support, especially on preservice teachers' trainning and some technology-integrated system. However, it's also a pity that this plan put too much emphasis on higher education level no matter from the statistic this plan cited or some examples this plan raised. It probably because the higher Ed. itself has "research characteristics" so that it's easier to find the data and resources than k-12 environment. In k-12 environment, I believe there are more issues wait to be explored.

The digital learning plan stated its five-year targets and strategies for 21st century learners, knowledgeable skilled educators, and effective business administration. Under each target, there were several strategies and advices in action. Some of the strategies I think its really novel and foresighted. For example, to incorporate information literacy/technology standard into all initial professional licensing and professional licence renewal requirements. It's a big push for educators to learn technology. Nowadays we don't have any technology standard in Minnesota so that the teachers assessment system become very hard to establish.

I also curious about how this plan disseminate and its influences of district level plans. In this plan, I only saw the suggestion but didn't see how it works.