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Analysis: 2 die after car goes through ice on Lake Minnetonka channel

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by Anna Lin
In Star Tribune's article, "2 die after car goes through ice on Lake Minnetonka channel", the author has taken "What" as the most important focus in the lead.

First of all, the inverted-pyramid style is generally used in breaking news stories.This article is a breaking news, therefore, the basic news summary lead is most suitable. The author summarized the key facts, combined the most significant of the five W's into one sentence. Also, a good lead is written in a clear, concise way following the subject-verb-object sentence structure.

Since this is a news story about accident, the lead began by stating the death of a middle-aged man and an elderly woman. Starting with the numbers of deaths helps readers to measure the seriousness of the story. The lead continued with the reason for their death is that their car sank into the channel. Author here used "plunged through" to relate readers to visualize the motion. Followed by the the location of east side of Lake Minnetonka for the readers to pin point where it happened. The date of the accident and attribution to the source are placed to the end because these two elements are the least important information must be included in this particular lead.

The author descried two people as "a man in his 30s and an elderly woman" which provides more details than "2" in the article headline. Also, strategically lead capture readers' attention

This lead works because it is written in one clear, active, and concise sentence that summarize the accident and keep the readers interested for more details.

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I can see you working hard on the blogs. Generally good. Be sure you do not omit important articles, such as a, an or the. For example, you write: "Since this is a news story about accident..." It should be: "...this is a news story about AN accident." (I added the capitalization just for effect.) I see these omissions throughout your entries.

Keep working.

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