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Victim's family sues Minneapolis company responsible for office shooting

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One of the Minneapolis office shooting victim Jacob Beneke's family filed a lawsuit against company Accent Signage Systems on Friday for failing to take action when known fired ex-worker's ill mental stage, the shooter, according to Star Tribune.

Associated Press obtained a copy of the lawsuit on Friday, reported Beneke's family claims the company have known the shooter's prior misconducts in the office but failed to adjust and sued the company for poor training regarding to firing and inadequate office security, Fox9 News reported.

Andrew Engeldinger, with a history of violent tendencies and mental illness, killed five co-workers and a UPS deliver guy in his Minneapolis office after he was fired, took his own life after the attack on Sept. 27, 2012, Fox9 News reported.

In the lawsuit, the family said the company could have prevented the incident by training employees to properly handle firing and all other office conflicts and Engeldinger held personal animosity toward Beneke, Fox9 News reported.

"A reasonable employer in Accent's position would have, among other things, provided adequate security on its premises, locked its doors, monitored Engeldinger, and would have attempted to terminate Engeldinger in a safe manner," the lawsuit contends, Star Tribune reported.

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