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FEC cited DOMA to rule against donations from gay couple

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FEC commissioners said no and denied gay couples the rights to donate for political campaigns through personal account, cited the Defense of Marriage Act's legal requirements for its decision, Washington Post reported.

According to USA Today, because the gay marriage law doesn't recognize them as spouses, the FEC clarified that commissioners were prevented from treating donations from same-sex couples the same as straight couples.

The commission ruled in a 5-0 vote that they had no choice but to reject it, Washington Post reported.

"The Defense of Marriage Act is remarkably clear," said Donald F. McGahn II, the commission's vice chair. "We just can't disregard DOMA, regardless of what we think of it," Washington Post reported.

FEC Chairwoman Ellen Weintraub said she was "very reluctantly voted no" in a statement but had no choice because DOMA serves as a "discriminatory, irrational burden," which limits the political participation of legally married same-sex couples, USA Today reported.

"It's sad that in the 21st century the federal government is still denying certain people their First Amendment rights as guaranteed under the US Constitution," Dan Winslow, a Republican candidate for Massachusetts Senate, said. "However, I am encouraged by the FEC's advice that I return to them as soon as DOMA is overturned and they will happily reverse their decision. I strongly believe DOMA will be overturned by the Supreme Court and I look forward to taking the FEC up on its offer as soon as that happens."

When the Supreme Court rules on the gay marriage law, Winslow said in a statement after the vote he will will press the issue, Washington Post reported.

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