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Israeli attack on Syria raises concerns

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Israeli forces bombed a Syrian research center early Wednesday, news sources reported.
According to the BBC News, Israel has declined to comment on the attack. Syria claimed that Israel attacked a scientific research center. Israel's ally, the USA, said that is wrong and that they targeted a convoy carrying surface-to-air missiles. Furthermore, the center Israel bombed is targeted also by the rebel forces in Syria. Syria's allies, Iran and Russia, condemned the attacked while Syria states that it has ever reason to defend themselves, the BBC reports.
Syrian foreign ministries has summoned the UN commenting that Israel has violated a 1974 disengagement between the two nations. The BBC mentioned that these two nations are still technically at war with each other.
CNN reports that Iran said that any attack on Syria would be considered "an attack on itself." Israel believed that the missiles being transported were going to be used against Israel. USA diplomats stated that these missile were bound towards the Hezbollah in Lebanon, a terrorist organization according to the USA.
Syrian ministers have asked that the UN get involved stating that it violate the 1974 Golan Charter, CNN reports.

With RT Rybak stepping down as Mayor of Minnesota's largest city, candidates start lining up to replace the outgoing mayor, new sources report.
One particular candidate that has caught some attention is Minneapolis Council Member, Gary Schiff. The Star Tribune has reported that if Schiff wins, he'll become Minneapolis' first openly gay mayor. The candidate will run under the Democratic-Farmer-Labor ticket against two other council members.
According to the Star Tribune's article, Schiff said that he has intentions to " cut regulations that don't make sense, to make life easier for everyone."
He continues by stating that he will tackle the issue of poverty. He also noted that the DFL endorsement is essential to winning the primaries.
CBS Minnesota noted that Schiff's oppentents include Betsy Hodges and Don Samuels. Schiffs has been on the council for 11 years.

With Hillary Clinton stepping down as Secretary of State, the Senate has confirmed senior MA Senator, John Kerry, CNN reports.
By a vote of 94 to 3, John Kerry will able to take his post starting, as expected, on February 1. 93 Senators voted yes, including Senator Kerry himself. Earlier that day, Senator Kerry received the OK from the Senate's Foreign Relations committee allowing the process to move forward to a full Senate vote.
With John Kerry becoming America's new Secretary of State, Massachusetts' Governor Deval Patrick, by state law, must put up a replace until a Special election. Massachusetts' other senator, Elizabeth Warren, congratulated him while she will become the states' senior senator, CNN reports.
According to NBC New, Kerry's first major assignment will be dealing with the crisis in Syria. Republican Senator John McCain commented that he believes that Kerry will address the concerns for the refugees of Syria. John Kerry will become the 68th Secretary of State.

UN Rights Review Recieves Boycott From Israel

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Facing investigation over settlement in the West Bank, Israel, as expected, choose to boycott the Human Rights Council and will no longer co-operate with it, according to news sources.
Israel's absence has addressed multiple concerns for the council. The presence of every country is mandatory, even Syria and North Korea showed up, reported by the BBC. Further concerns addressed that other countries that are put in the hot seat might follow suit. The United States, Israel's biggest ally, has urged Israel to attend the council.
The New York TimesThe New York Times reported that "Efforts to persuade Israel to reconsider have been complicated by its recent elections..." Furthermore, Israel's frustration is vented towards their beliefs that the council has its' anti-Israel bias. The New York Times reported that Israel backed away from what they felt was a "political tool and convenient platform" used to demonize Israel.
The BBC reported that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that Israeli believe in a better path towards peace in the Middle East.

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