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Analysis: Navy Seal Killer gunned down in Texas

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In the Chicago Tribune's article, "Texas man arraigned on murder charges in shooting of 'American Sniper,'" the author went straight to the point on what this story refers to in terms of the killer of a prominent American sniper.

Rather than starting with a past event, the author used timeliness to give us, the readers, to most important update. In this case, the most recent update is the killer who gunned down the Navy Seal officer is being arraigned in Texas. The paragraphs that follows gives the previous less timely information that is important to the story.

In this story, the most detailed part is the name of the Navy Seal, Chris Kyle. The reasoning (most likely) is that this Seal member is an important figure in American history (helped killed Bin Laden). The most general information in this lead is the facts themselves. The killer was arraigned but there weren't much details after that other than it was on two counts of capital murder. Ultimately, the lead is very general and straight to the point. It could capture the readers' attention.

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