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Anaylsis: Inside North Korean

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National Public Radio did a report on what it is like inside North Korea. Their headline read "No Obvious Signs of Crisis."

The story begin with a slight background on what North Korea has been doing the last few month. It mentioned the numerous threats, the preparation of missile launches, and more. There has been speculations that North Koreans will be hostile within their own boarders as the government continues to threaten the US and South Korea.

But NPR says it is the exact opposite. Reporters saw children and their parents laughing and having a good time in North Korea's capital. The reporter specifically writes "rollerblading and shouting with joy." The reporter wrote that people who have visited North Korea many times say that it has never been hostile.

The reporter used sources of people who have been to North Korea many times. The reporter continued to say that while there is a presence of strong patriotism, there is also prosperity among the people. The reporter said "mobile phones are much more common, and the shops are full of goods." Furthermore, they added that there is a consumer class and it is growing.

The reporter closes out the story comparing what is and isn't real about North Korea. What's real is the political propaganda that the government is pushing. What isn't real is that the people are completely shut off.

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