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Electronic Pulltabs numbers are forcing state to seek Plan B

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State legislators begun searching for a Plan B for help funds for the proposed new Vikings Stadium, according to multiple news sources.

Star Tribune reported that the electronic gambling was to help pay for the state's $975 million share for the new stadium. Democratic state representative proposed the idea of taxing pro jerseys and foam-finger sport memorabilia.

The move to a new idea was fueled by lack of money-making from March's pulltab numbers, according to Minnesota Public Radio. MPR reported that the state did take a record $2.4 million in bets, which is up by nearly $2 million from February, but it is still not enough to help pay for the new stadium.

MPR reported that the state would need $225 per day per machine to match what is needed for the new stadium. The state has only made $87 per day per machine, according to MPR.

The idea that was purposed included a 10 percent tax on wholesales of professional sports memorabilia no matter where it is sold, Star Tribune reported. State Republicans and the state's professional sport teams-Vikings, Twins, Timberwolves, and the Wild- oppose the idea.

No idea has been approved yet, according to the Star Tribune.

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