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Michele Bachmann former aide to testify on ethic probe

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A former aide to Michele Bachmann's presidential campaign will testify to whether Bachmann wrongfully paid staffers, according to multiple news sources.

Former Cheif of Staff to Bachmann, Andy Parrish, is expected to tell a panel in Iowa about Bachmann's improper payments to the GOP chairman, according to the Star Tribune. The Star Tribune reported that the claims came when a Florida pastor said that Bachmann had hidden payments to an Iowa Senator, which is against Iowa Senate ethic rules.

The MinnPost reported that Bachmann and the state senator have not admitted to any wrongdoings, despite complaints for a staff member of Bachmann's campaign. Parrish left Bachmann's campaign in February of 2012 to help run an unsuccessful campaign for Minnesota's ban on gay marriage, MinnPost reported.

The Star Tribune said that "Parrish's willingness to go public against his former employer and political mentor is likely to send shock waves through Minnesota GOP circles." The decision to go forward came when Iowa's Senate Committee set a 10-day deadline for "Witness A" to come forward, Star Tribune reported. The panel is made of three Democrats and three Republicans, Star Tribune reported.

The Star Tribune reported that Bachmann's campaign was rocked when the Iowan State Senator stopped supporting Bachmann and went to support her rival, Ron Paul.

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