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Mourners attend Thatcher's funeral

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Former British Prime Minister's Margaret Thatcher's funeral was held Wednesday at St. Paul Cathedral in London, according to multiple news sources.

Over 2,000 dignitaries from various nations attended the funeral to pay their last respects, according to the BBC News. Thatcher's casket was carried throughout the streets of London as Britannia lined the streets to get a glimpse of the funeral precession, BBC New reported.

BBC News reported that there were protest, but smaller than expected. Mourners from North America included Canada's Prime Minister David Cameron and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, CNN reported. CNN reported that Dick Cheney and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger attended. Nancy Reagan, widow of Thatcher's main ally President Reagan, was unable to attend but sent a representative, CNN reported.

BBC News said Thatcher's funeral began when a hearse took her casket from Parliament for the last time and began the procession. The Union Jack, the name of Britian's flag, was laid on top of the casket. Her carriage was drawn by horses through the streets.

Margaret Thatcher died April 8th of a stroke, CNN reporter. Her funeral, CNN said, was with full military honor, similar to Princess Diana's funeral. Thatcher was 87, CNN reported.

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