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US a target in new North Korean threat

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New missile threats from North Korea aimed right at the United States Friday, according to multiple new sources.

BBC New reported that US Secretary of State John Kerry said that the any attempts to launch a missile at the United States would be a "provocative act" and "huge mistake." BBC News said that North Korea "has moved two missiles to its east coast and South Korea is on alert."

Reuters reported that Kerry said that it would be up to North Korea's closet ally, China, to push for them to abandon their nuclear ambitions. But North Korea said repeatedly that they wouldn't abandon their nuclear plans. Kerry's visit is around the time of the celebration of North Korea's founder birthday, Kim II-Sung, a day which is expected to showcase the North's strength, Reuters reported.

Reuters reported that the threats came when the UN sanctioned the North for nuclear testing leading the North to release threats of a possible war.

BBC News reported that China has begun a series of emergency evacuation drill if such attack were to happen. The BBC News said that these drills included carrying out civilians living on a boarder town with North Korea and raising awareness of "disaster prevention and relief."

North Korea has urged many countries to "withdraw diplomatic staff, saying it cannot now guarantee their safety," BBC News reported.

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