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Historic transplant may cure HIV, leukemia

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Doctors at the University of Minnesota may have cured HIV and leukemia in a boy Tuesday, according to multple news sources.

Star Tribune reported the boy, who has not been identified, could be the second person in the world to be cured from deadly illnesses by "an extraordinary type of cell transplant." Dr. John Wagner has been working with his team to prepare for this operation for weeks, Star Tribune reported.

Minnesota Public Radio reported that the solution may be "umbilical cord blood containing a protein known to protect a person against HIV." MPR reported that a similar operation was successful on an adult using bone marrow which contained the same protein.

MPR reported that if it is successful, the doctors will still continue to monitor the boy's leukemia for the next two years, when it could likely recur.

Star Tribune reported that Dr. Michael Verneris, who is assisting in the operation, said that less than 1 percent of the population is born with a genetic resistance that fights off HIV and leukemia.

Star Tribune said that the boy's transfusion took only ten minutes. The boy will have to remain in the hospital for at least four weeks for risk of complications and will not be able to go home for at least three month, Star Tribune reported.

Minnesota House passes health care budget

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The Minnesota House has approved a budget bill Monday for funds from hospitals and HMOs, according to multiple news sources.

The bill included a spending increase of 5 percent or about $11.2 billion for two-years beginning in July, according to the Pioneer Press. Pioneer Press reported that Democrats and Republicans debated for about 9 hours over why funds wont go towards nursing homes.

The Star Tribune reported that the House floor was stacked with over eighty-seven amendment proposals for the bill. Many amendments were proposed that countered political opponent's amendments, Star Tribune reported.

Pioneer Press reported that the bill was passed 70-64 vote with almost all voting by party lines. The bill includes hospitals pay more towards Medicaid surcharges and HMOs to face a new limit on financial reserves, Pioneer Press reported.

Pioneer Press reported that Democrats in both the House and Senate have called for "slower growth in the programs, where health costs have ballooned with the aging state's population."

21 to face charges for poaching wall-eye in Minnesota

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Twenty-one people will face charges after being caught last week selling wall-eye in a black market in Minnesota, multiple sources reported.

The Department of Natural Resources said that they will press charges Monday after catching more people, according to the Star Tribune. The Star Tribune reported that this is part of a three year investigation after authorities noticed the number of fishes declining in lakes in Northern Minnesota.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that some charges "will involve the wanton waste of less commercially valuable species including northern pike that people caught and just dumped in the woods." Some members of the Ojibwe Tribe will also face charges, San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported wall-eyes caught in northern Minnesota have been sold for around $2 compared to legal ones which run from $11 to $17. The Star Tribune reported that the suspects could face up to 35 misdemeanors and "six gross misdemeanor charges in six northern Minnesota counties." The Star Tribune reported that they will face a fine that will likely exceed tens of thousands of dollars.

The Star Tribune reported that this is Minnesota's largest fish poaching case since 1993.

State legislators begun searching for a Plan B for help funds for the proposed new Vikings Stadium, according to multiple news sources.

Star Tribune reported that the electronic gambling was to help pay for the state's $975 million share for the new stadium. Democratic state representative proposed the idea of taxing pro jerseys and foam-finger sport memorabilia.

The move to a new idea was fueled by lack of money-making from March's pulltab numbers, according to Minnesota Public Radio. MPR reported that the state did take a record $2.4 million in bets, which is up by nearly $2 million from February, but it is still not enough to help pay for the new stadium.

MPR reported that the state would need $225 per day per machine to match what is needed for the new stadium. The state has only made $87 per day per machine, according to MPR.

The idea that was purposed included a 10 percent tax on wholesales of professional sports memorabilia no matter where it is sold, Star Tribune reported. State Republicans and the state's professional sport teams-Vikings, Twins, Timberwolves, and the Wild- oppose the idea.

No idea has been approved yet, according to the Star Tribune.

A pilot who was suspected of being under the influence before taking off has been charged for three offenses, according to multiple news sources.

Kolbjorn J Kristiansen, 48, has been charged in Hennepin County District Court after attempting to fly an aircraft while under the influences of alcohol in early January, according to the Star Tribune.

Star Tribune reported that Kristiansen was found to have a blood-alcohol level of nearly 0.1. Star Tribune reported that he was removed from the American Eagle flight before taking off to New York's LaGuardia. Minneapolis KARE 11 News reported that Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport Police found him at around 6 a.m. right before he could take off.

KARE 11 reported that the legal alcohol consumption limit for commercial pilot in Minnesota is at 0.04, which was way under what Kristiansen was consuming. He was charged with three counts including attempting to operate an aircraft under the influence of alcohol, attempting to operate above a 0.04, and attempting to operate with alcohols content 0.04 or more within 2 hours.

Star Tribune reported that the flight was delayed 2 1/2 hours for the arrest. Star Tribune reported that twelve pilots failed the breath test in 2011.

Federal prison escapee caught in Minnesota

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Two federal prison escapee were caught in a Hampton Inn in Burnsville, Minn. Friday, according to multiple news sources.

Michael Kryzaniak, 64, and Gerald Greenfield, 67, were arrested early Friday after being found in a Holiday Inn in Burnsville, Minn., the Star Tribune reported. The pair was escaping to Mexico, Star Tribune reported.

Both men were convicted of defrauding investors of millions of dollars, according to the Pioneer Press. The were discovered missing "at about 10 p.m. Saturday from a minimum-security camp near the Duluth International Airport," Pioneer Press reported.

Pioneer Press reported that tips have led them on to Holiday Inn in Burnsville. Both men are currently being held in Ramsay County Jail pending "an initial appearance in U.S. District Court," Pioneer Press said.

The two men have been staying in the hotel since last Sunday and were registered under allies, Star Tribune reported. Both men used a credit card first but paid cash for each extended stay, Star Tribune said. Star Tribune reported that Greenfield's co-defendant said that he was a "master of disguise," citing his multiple fake ID's.

Star Tribune said that the prison camp in Duluth operates "on the honor system."

St. Paul Mayor to seek re-election

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St. Paul mayor Chris Coleman has announced that he will will seek a third term for mayor, according to multiple news sources.

Pioneer Press reported the DFL mayor was praised by Gov. Mark Dayton for keeping major development project operating during a major nation-wide recession. Coleman made his announcement in the vacant Pioneer-Endicott building which has been turned into a complex, according to the Pioneer Press.

MinnPost reported that no other candidate has filed to run for Mayor. Coleman was joined by Governor Dayton and members of his cabinet joined Coleman as he announced his reelection campaign, according to MinnPost.

Coleman referred to his accomplishments and plans including the light-rail transit line and creating new developments in the city, according to Pioneer Press. Pioneer Press reported that Coleman supported closing minority education gap, which is one of the largest in the county.

MinnPost reported that Coleman's next term, if he were to get reelected, is going to focus on closing that education gap. Governor Mark Dayton has made his endorsement to Coleman at the event, according to the MinnPost.

Minnesota officials proposed a plan that would increase fee on big water users Thursday, according to multiple news sources.

The Star Tribune reported that the Dept. of Natural Resources and Gov. Mark Dayton would impose an increase in water fees for the state's largest users to "get a better grip on growing demands for groundwater."

This proposal, the Star Tribune said, would raise the cost from $7.50 for 1 million gallons of water to about $15. Furthermore, the average farm water bill go from about $140 to about $500 a year, according to the Star Tribune.

The Pioneer Press said that it will increase household water bills from 50 cents to $1. About 7,000 permit holders would be effected by this proposal, Pioneer Press said.

Pioneer Press reported that the DNR would get an increased "revenue would help reverse a decade-long trend to diminished funding for water management programs."

Pioneer Press reported that this does not mean that the state is facing a water crisis.

Supervalu cuts 1,100 jobs with half in Minnesota

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Grocery store chain Supervalu will cut about 1,100 jobs after selling a few of their stores, according to multiple news sources.

Supervalu has struggled the last few years trying to compete with giant box stores like Target or Wal-Mart, according to the Pioneer Press. Pioneer Press reported that the grocery store business has been facing problems competing with these giant box stores. The job reductions will affect the company's offices and departments across the country, according to the Pioneer Press.

The Star Tribune reported that of the 1,100 jobs being cut, 600 of them will be in the Twin Cities area, where Supervalu is headquartered. The jobs will be reduced at not only Supervalu stores but also Cubs Food stores in Minnesota, Star Tribune said.

Star Tribune reported that the reduction in jobs and sales of some stores will help drive down Supervalu's debt.

Pioneer Press reported that the jobs that will not be effected by the cut are store level jobs. Pioneer Press reported that sales have completed with Albertson's, Jewel-Osco, Acme, Shaw's and Star Market; All led by Cerberus Capital Management.

South Minneapolis gas leak evacuation lifted

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South Minneapolis residence received the approval to go back to their homes after a gas leak had them evacuated, according to multiple sources.

A gas leak Wednesday led to a disruption in school bus schedules and residence forced to evacuate their homes, Star Tribune reported. A resident reported that the neighborhood smelt of gas at around 12:30 p.m., Star Tribune said.

Minnesota Public Radio reported that the gas leak was caused by the changes in the weather from warmer to cooler temperatures. MPR said that Centerpoint Energy said that the leak was caused from constant freezing and thawing which made the wires expand and eventually leaked out gas.

Star Tribune said that students were held beyond their school hours at the local high school for "safety reasons." The city sent out public buses to keep residence warm while the crew repaired the damaged wires, Star Tribune said.

Both the Star Tribune and MPR reported that residence's doors were knocked on and residences were told to leave. They both added that residences were told to abandon their cars and leave the area.

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