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Owner held after building collapse

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The owner of a factory building that collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh is currently being held after trying to flee Wednesday, according to multple news sources.

Mohammad Sohel Rana was arrested at the border of India, according to the BBC News. The BBC News reported that rescuers are still racing to pull out survivors from the rubbles of the factory.

Bangladesh News reported that Rana was trying to escape the country. Bangladesh News also reported that the Prime Minister ordered the arrest of Rana herself.

Bangladesh News reported that Rana had known about the cracks in the walls but dismissed it a not a serious issues the day before.

BBC News reported that there is widespread anger as three factory owners and two engineers have been arrested. BBC News also reported that the death toll is at 377 people, but hundreds more are missing.

According to the BBC, there is a reported roughly 3,000 working in building when it collapsed and about 2,430 are known to have survived.

Bangladesh News reported that has been described as "the worst industrial disaster in the history of Bangladesh."

Former Packistani Military Leader Arrested

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The Pakistani Police arrested former military leader Pervez Musharraf Friday in Islamabad, according to multiple news sources.

Musharraf was arrested on charges of "unlawful detention of judges in 2007," according to the BBC News. BBC News reported that Musharraf appeared in court on Friday with heavy security.

The Washington Post reported that if Musharraf were prosecuted, he would be the first army leader to go to prison in Pakistan's modern history. The Washington Post reported that it could bring down tensions in Pakistan as the nation prepares to vote on May 11.

The Pakistani Senate approved a resolution in which Musharraf should be tried "on charges of high treason relating to his declaration of a state of emergency in 2007," BBC New said.

The BBC News said that Musharraf's candidacy for leader of Pakistan was rejected. The Washington Post said that Musharraf successfully gained power in 1999 and ruled until 2008.

BBC News reported that the Pakistani Taliban vows to assassinate Mussarraf.

US a target in new North Korean threat

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New missile threats from North Korea aimed right at the United States Friday, according to multiple new sources.

BBC New reported that US Secretary of State John Kerry said that the any attempts to launch a missile at the United States would be a "provocative act" and "huge mistake." BBC News said that North Korea "has moved two missiles to its east coast and South Korea is on alert."

Reuters reported that Kerry said that it would be up to North Korea's closet ally, China, to push for them to abandon their nuclear ambitions. But North Korea said repeatedly that they wouldn't abandon their nuclear plans. Kerry's visit is around the time of the celebration of North Korea's founder birthday, Kim II-Sung, a day which is expected to showcase the North's strength, Reuters reported.

Reuters reported that the threats came when the UN sanctioned the North for nuclear testing leading the North to release threats of a possible war.

BBC News reported that China has begun a series of emergency evacuation drill if such attack were to happen. The BBC News said that these drills included carrying out civilians living on a boarder town with North Korea and raising awareness of "disaster prevention and relief."

North Korea has urged many countries to "withdraw diplomatic staff, saying it cannot now guarantee their safety," BBC News reported.

Illinois GOP US Senator Mark Kirk announced his support for same-sex marriage, according to multiple news sources.

Senator Mark Kirk's announcement came after numerous moderate Democrats and fellow GOP Senator Rob Portman all announced their support for same-sex marriage according to the Chicago Tribune.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Kirk supported civil unions and endorsed the Deference of Marriage Act in 2010. Washington Post reported that Kirk comes from a more Democratic state, home of President Obama.

Washington Post said that GOP Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski has said her views on same-sex marriage are "evolving," but has not made a statement on whether she supported it or not, according to the Washington Post.

Senator Kirk said he returned to Capitol Hill with an open mind after having to leave for nearly a year after a like-threaten stroke he had last year, according to the Chicago Tribune. Chicago Tribune said that Illinois' other senator, Dick Durban, supports same-sex marriage as well.

Senator Kirk becomes the 50th US senator to support same-sex marriage, according to the Chicago Tribune.

"Harry Potter" actor Richard Griffiths dead at 65

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Famous "Harry Potter" actor Richard Griffiths died at the age of 65, according to multiple news sources.

Los Angeles Times reported that Griffiths has died from complications from his heart surgery in Coventry, England. Griffiths is being remember for his roles in movies such as "Withnail and I," "Gandhi," "Hugo," and of course, Uncle Vernon in the famous "Harry Potter" series, according to the LA Times.

Former "Harry Potter" co-star Daniel Radcliffe told BBC News "Richard was by my side during two of the most important moments of my career. I was proud to know him."

LA Times reported that Griffith spend a decade with the Royal Shakespeare Co. and even won a Tony Award in 2006 for his role in "The History Boys."

BBC News reported that Griffith's last appearance was with Danny Devito in "The Sunshine Boys." Griffiths also appeared in TV shows such as "Pie in the Sky," "Minder," and "The Sweeney and Bergerac," according to the BBC News.

The BBC News reported that Britain is remembering him for his role in one of Britain's biggest cult classic movie, "Withnail and I" for his role as Uncle Monty.

Griffith is survived by his wife, Heather Gibson, according to the BBC News.

With all the votes counted, Deputy Prime Minister currently holds a thin margin in the Kenya presidential race, multiple news sources reported.

Uhuru Kenyatta won the Kenyan presidential election Friday in what appears to be Kenya's closest election yet, according to the BBC News. The official results will not be posted until Saturday, BBC News said.

Kenyatta's rival, Raila Odinga, will likely file legal challenges if the results show that Kenyatta wins, BBC News said. BBC News said that Kenyatta would most likely face hard times with Western Powers if confirmed as the winner. The BBC News added that he is currently facing trial at the International Criminal Court in the Hague "for crimes against humanity."

The United States and United Kingdom hinted that if he wins, there would be some issues between Kenyatta and their governments, BBC said.

Christian Science Monitor reported that Kenyatta holds the lead of over 50 percent. Facing possible criminal charges, Kenyatta fired back at the British government by accusing that they are suspicious activities in the electoral process, Christian Science Monitor said.

Christian Science Monitor said that Kenya has a new electronic voting machine to help boost transparency and avoid allegations of ballot rigging. The move came after violence erupted at the last election six years ago that left over 1,000 dead, Christian Science Monitor said.

Vatican denies rumors as pope prepares to resign

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Vatican denies rumors of corruption and intrigue as pope prepares to resign, according to multiple news sources.

CNN reports that the Vatican denied allegation that the Pope was trying to cover up sex, money, and gay priests as reported by Italian media. The Vatican was faced with investigation from Italy's largest newspaper regarding three cardinals in a scandal, CNN said.

The newspaper suggests that the cover-ups are the reason why the Pope is resigning, CNN said. No confirmation has been made on such claim.

The BBC reported that gay priest were being blackmailed to keep their sexual orientations a secret. BBC Vatican correspondent suggested that reasoning for "unacceptable pressure" on voting for the next Pope was an attempt by American media to discourage US cardinals part of the alleged child sexual abuse scandal to take part in the vote.

The Pope will have his farewell meeting with Italian President Saturday and will officially resign on Thursday, BBC said.

South African Olympian charged with murder

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Double amputee South African Olympian Oscar Pistorius has been charged with murdering his girlfriend Thursday, according to multiple news sources.

The news that Pistorius murdered his girlfriend shocked South Africa because the nation viewed him as an icon and a hero, according to the New York Times. The victim was reported to be Reeva Steenkamp, a model and law school graduate. Police responded to a call in the early hours Thrusday to reports of gunshots in an upscale neighborhood in Pretoria. Steenkamp was being treated for gunshot wounds but was pronounced dead later. Pistorius was immediately taken into custody.

The Times reported that Pistorius said that the shooting was an accident. He said that he has mistaken the victim as an intruder.

NBC News reported that Pistorius has had some training in handling a gun. NBC News has also reported that the city of Pretoria, where Pistorius lives, has been rated as "critical" in terms of the crime rate. Home invasions are common and violent. Pistorius was seen escorted out of his home and the courthouse in a hoodie covering his face.

15th Century King's remain dug up under parking lot

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Nearly 500 years later, King Richard III remains have been found under a parking lot in Leicester, UK, according to multiple news sources.

On Monday, experts at the University of Leicester has confirmed that the remains dug up were indeed King Richard III who died at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485, according to the BBC News. The remains have shown numerous injuries including 8 in the skull. Two wounds in particular were labeled lethal in which experts believer were the cause of the King's death. BBC noted that "the skeleton's spine is badly curved, a condition known as scoliosis." The skeletons show this is was an adult male but was considered "unusually slender" for a male.

Since the discovery of the King's remain, the Washington Post noted that English scholars have been debating the legacy of King. Shakespeare has labeled the king as a villain. Many believe that he was labeled a villain from the King Tudor who took over the throne after Richard.

The Washington Post stated that there is much debate over where to bury the king. Some believe, based on the Church of England's protocol, he be buried in Leicester Cathedral near where he was found. Others believe that he has requested to be buried in York and some are saying Westminster Abbey.

Israeli attack on Syria raises concerns

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Israeli forces bombed a Syrian research center early Wednesday, news sources reported.
According to the BBC News, Israel has declined to comment on the attack. Syria claimed that Israel attacked a scientific research center. Israel's ally, the USA, said that is wrong and that they targeted a convoy carrying surface-to-air missiles. Furthermore, the center Israel bombed is targeted also by the rebel forces in Syria. Syria's allies, Iran and Russia, condemned the attacked while Syria states that it has ever reason to defend themselves, the BBC reports.
Syrian foreign ministries has summoned the UN commenting that Israel has violated a 1974 disengagement between the two nations. The BBC mentioned that these two nations are still technically at war with each other.
CNN reports that Iran said that any attack on Syria would be considered "an attack on itself." Israel believed that the missiles being transported were going to be used against Israel. USA diplomats stated that these missile were bound towards the Hezbollah in Lebanon, a terrorist organization according to the USA.
Syrian ministers have asked that the UN get involved stating that it violate the 1974 Golan Charter, CNN reports.

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