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Marathon Bomber charged

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Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been charged Monday and could face the death penalty, according to multiple news sources.

Tsarnaev, 19, has been charged with one count of using and conspiring weapons of mass destruction resulting in multiple deaths and also one count of destruction of property, according to the USA Today. Tsarnaev is still in serious condition at the hospital but is communication with official via writing, according to the USA Today. Both USA Today and BBC News reported that maximum penalty is death.

BBC News reported that he, and his brother Tamerlan, 26, were behind the Boston Marathon bombing. Tamerlan was killed after a shoot-out with police, BBC News reported.

The BBC News reported that the city of Boston has observed a moment of silence at 2:50 pm EST, exactly one week after the attack.

USA Today reported that the suspects remained "calm" and walked the opposite direction when the bombing took place last week. The suspects carjacked a Mercedes Benz shortly after the bombing, USA Today reported.

The USA Today reported that Tsarnaev could face the most serious terrorist charges which includes death.

Investigation underway for Boston Bombing

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Investigations underway Tuesday for who and why bombs were planted at the Boston Marathon, according to multiple news sources.

Two bombs exploded in a crowd of spectators at the Boston Marathon Monday, according to the Boston Globe. The Boston Globe reported that over 176 people were injured and three people had died Monday night. Boston Globe reported that one of the victims killed was an 8-year-old boy.

President Obama said in a briefing "any time bombs are used to target innocent civilians it is an act of terrorism," BBC News reported. The BBC News also reported that it is unknown whether this was an act of an individual or an organization. BBC News reported that President Obama said "...we will find whoever harmed our citizens ad we will bring them to justice."

The Boston Globe reported that the shrapnel used in the bombs were prepared. The Boston Globe also reported that two bombs were hidden inside "two black bags."

The BBC News reported that the authorities are asking for citizens to bring forward any footage or photographs that might be able to give clues into who established these bombs.

Deal reached on gun control

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A deal has been reached for gun control bill in the Senate which has bipartisan support Wednesday, according to multiple news sources.

Chicago Tribune reported that Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Pat Toomey (R-PA) held a press conference to announce that the senate has come up with a compromise on background checks for people buying guns.

CNN reported that the NRA had struck the gun measure but Democratic leaders are hoping to still get the 60 votes needed to pass in the Senate. The senate is expected to debate the measure for two weeks, CNN reported.

CNN reported that Republicans said that they will only vote for this measure if they can offer amendments to the proposal. Democratic leaders said they will give members of both parties opportunity to offer amendments to the measure, CNN reported.

Chicago Tribune reported that the Senate is expected to hold the first vote on the bill on Thursday. The Chicago Tribune said that the bill is expected to pass in the Senate, but it fell short of what President Obama pushed for. If passed, the bill includes "expanded background checks, more funding for school security and tighter restrictions on gun trafficking."

Federal prison escapee caught in Minnesota

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Two federal prison escapee were caught in a Hampton Inn in Burnsville, Minn. Friday, according to multiple news sources.

Michael Kryzaniak, 64, and Gerald Greenfield, 67, were arrested early Friday after being found in a Holiday Inn in Burnsville, Minn., the Star Tribune reported. The pair was escaping to Mexico, Star Tribune reported.

Both men were convicted of defrauding investors of millions of dollars, according to the Pioneer Press. The were discovered missing "at about 10 p.m. Saturday from a minimum-security camp near the Duluth International Airport," Pioneer Press reported.

Pioneer Press reported that tips have led them on to Holiday Inn in Burnsville. Both men are currently being held in Ramsay County Jail pending "an initial appearance in U.S. District Court," Pioneer Press said.

The two men have been staying in the hotel since last Sunday and were registered under allies, Star Tribune reported. Both men used a credit card first but paid cash for each extended stay, Star Tribune said. Star Tribune reported that Greenfield's co-defendant said that he was a "master of disguise," citing his multiple fake ID's.

Star Tribune said that the prison camp in Duluth operates "on the honor system."

Oil Pipeline breaks in Arkansas

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An oil pipeline broke Friday spilling thousands of barrels of oil over a small town in Arkansas, according to multiple news sources.

Reuters reported that the 65-year-old Pegasus pipeline spill thousands of barrels of oil leaving the development in Mayflower, Arkansas to evacuate the area. Reuters added that the pipeline shut down and Exxon, who operates the pipeline, declined to comment on the situation. No reasoning for the damage has been released yet, Reuters reported.

A total of 22, according to Reuters, homes have been evacuated. The oil spill reached the city streets and residence's lawn and the smell has "permeated" Mayflower, Ark., according to Reuters.

CNN reported that the crew has begun round-the-clock cleanup of the area. The cleanup, CNN reported, including scrubbing the streets and driveways of the division effected. CNN reported that the oil spill missed Lake Conway, a local source of drinking water.

Many residences have expressed their complaints to CNN about how Exxon is handling the situation. Many expressed their concerns for children's health and others have expressed their frustration over when they can returns to their homes, CNN reported.

Aurora, Colo shooter may plead guilty

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Aurora, Colo. cinema shooter may plead guilty to avoid the death penalty, according to multiple sources.

James Holmes, 25, may plead guilty to avoid the death penalty after killing 12 people and leaving another 58 injured, according to CNN. CNN stated that Holmes' lawyer said that he is ready to plead guilty to avoid the death penalty, which is still in effect for the state of Colorado.

The BBC News said that the "judge entered a not guilty plea for Mr Holmes on 12 March after lawyers said he was not ready to plead." BBC News said that the prosecutors mentioned that Holmes planned the shooting for months and setting up booby-trips in his apartments.

BBC News added that the prosecution has not yet responded to the plea deal. However, according to the BBC, the prosecution is seeking death penalty on Holmes.

CNN stated that Holmes' lawyer are still "exploring the mental health defense." The lawyers added that they will continue to defend Mr. Holmes throughout the entire process, according to CNN.

New York policeman guilty of cannibal plot

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New York policeman found guilty after plotting to kill his wife, and cook and eating other women, multiple news sources reported

Gilberto Valle, 28, faces life in prison for plotting the murder of his wife and planning to cook and eat other women, CNN reported. CNN also reported that Valle is guilty of illegally accessing "a federal law enforcement database."

CNN reported that he was using the database to find potential victims. CNN added that no one was kidnapped and eaten. However, the jury did see his plans to do so, CNN said. The plots had a title that read something like this: "Abducting and Cooking Kimberly -- A Blueprint."

BBC News said that Valle contacted some of the women he had planned to "cook." Valle's plan also included what kinds of rope he was going to use to abduct these women, BBC News said.

BBC News said that Valle's wife testified against him. In her testimony, she mentioned how she found an email explaining how Gilberto was going to kill his wife and her friend, BBC News reported. Furthermore, BBC News said she mentioned how the email said that two women would be raped in front of the each to "heighten their fears." BBC News also reported that his wife said that one woman was planned to be burnt alive.

The jury ruled guilty, BBC News and CNN said.

Democratic Senator wont seek re-election

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Michigan Democratic senior Senator Carl Levin has announced that he is retiring, according to multiple news sources.

USA Today reported that Senator Levin will not run for re-election in his Michigan senate seat that's up next year. The announce is expected to spark of interest in the seat from both political parties, USA Today reported.

The announcement came after many speculations have been made that he would not run for re-election, USA Today said. Levin, in the past, said that he has not made up his mind, USA Today reported.

Washington Post reported that Levin said he would focus the next few years on "corporate tax avoidance, the health of manufacturing industry, campaign fiance reform, military budget cuts, the end of the war in Afghanistan and verterans' care."

Levin has held his seat since 1979 and since then, has not faced any serious re-election challenges, Washington Post reported. The Washington Post also reported that Levin is chairman of the important Armed Services Committee in the Senate.

Levin's announcement became the 7th senator's announcement, Washington Post reported.

USA Today reported that Democrats are going to have a rough time picking a candidate to run in US Senate as they face picking a candidate to run against the unpopular Republican governor Rick Synder, USA Today reported.

Chuck Hagel confirmed as defense secretary

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Former Neb. senator Chuck Hagel has been confirmed by the Senate as for the next defense secretary, according to multiple news sources.

After facing a tough battle towards conformation, Chuck Hagel has been confirmed as the next US Defense Secretary by a vote of 58-41, according to CNN. Obama's pick for defense secretary came under harsh criticism from many Republicans in the Senate. Many Republicans said it was because of his rocky political statements, CNN said.

Republicans in the Senate delayed the vote to question his political qualifications, BBC News reports. After nearly 2 weeks of delay, Republicans gave-in and a vote was held to confirm Hagel.

The BBC News reported that what has gotten Hagel in trouble was his comments against the Jewish populations and his positions on Iran. Democrats assured that he would stick with Obama's plans on improving relations with Israel and Iran.

According to both CNN and BBC News, Hagel would replace outgoing defense secretary Leon Penetta.

Convicted Georgia killer to be executed

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Warren Lee Hill will be executed on February 21 for killing an inmate and his girlfriend multiple news sources reported.

Warren Lee Hill was serving life sentence in prison after shooting his girlfriend back in 1986, according to Reuters. Reuters reported that he beat a fellow inmate to death back in 1990.

Hill's attorney argued that Hill has a mental illness in which the execution should be halted. Georgia became the first state to ban execution of mentally retarded people back in 1988. However, Reuters reports that the state as a strict guideline over what is mentally retarded. Hill's attorney filed to have Hill be evaluated for mental retardation. Doctors ruled that he is not mentally retarded.

According to Fox 31 WFXL (a local tv station in Georgia), Hill tried to appeal his execution sentence last year but lost before the Georgia Supreme court earlier this month. Hill will receive a lethal injection tonight at approximate 7 p.m. for the death of inmate Joseph Handspike and his girlfriend Myra Sylvia Wright.

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