Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival

After comparing the information of these three news sites about the Minneapolis- St. Paul International Film Festival (MSIFF), I think the StarTribune has the richest and clearest information.
Comparing to other two sites, StarTribune has the longest reporting of this event, I think it is good because other two sites' stories of MSIFF are too short. I could not find information I need from those two sites.
StartTribune also has a fantastic visual appeal on the MSIFF reporting. At the top of the page, the picture of David Carr makes me curious about the story and the movie called "Page One: A Year Inside the New York Times."
Moreover, I like the quotations of Steve Smith, an emergency room physician at Hennepin County Medical Center and his wife Deborah Zvosec. The reason is that the quotations make this article interactive and add human touch elements. Smith said he is excited to broaden his view of the world and see viewpoints he has not encountered before. Not only for Simth, I believe this is a common goal for people who want to go to the event. This quotation connects Simth to everybody else.
On the contrary, I also like how simple the article is on the Citypages regarding to the MSIFF. The Citypages uses lists and bullets to describe this event, but it is not interactive at all. I wish the StarTribune could make their MSIFF reporting simpler and briefer and shorten the paragraphs as the Citypages did.

Fran Liu

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