Assignment 7


Pugh Chart
After seven weeks study and go through the idea generation process, it is finally the time to get an ultimate idea to work on in the future. To decide which is the final idea, I start with the top five ideas that I got from the survey last week, which are:

  1. The bicycle has windshield installed.

  2. The whole covered bicycle.

  3. The snowball blaster gun.

  4. The beverage heater gloves.

  5. The color changeable bicycle.

I start to evaluate them by developed a Pugh Chart. I use the whole covered bicycle as my benchmark, because from last week's benchmarking research, I learnt that there are many different kinds of similar products in the market, and from the survey results, people would like to own one, however, for some reason, only a few people actually own one and ride them everyday. So I thought using it as a benchmark will provide a good reference, and since it was a benchmark, the other four ideas can have more opportunity to be explored forward.
The evaluation criteria of my Pugh Chart was generated by asking the following questions:

  1. Can I communicate it clearly?

  2. Am I personally interested in the idea?

  3. Are there good market opportunities?

  4. How unique is the idea?

  5. Is it feasible to turn it into a product?

  6. Is there a clear need?

The above question are reflected as the word clear presentation, interesting, market opportunities, unique, feasible, and demand respectively.
屏幕快照 2013-12-09 上午10.34.37.png
When compared these ideas in terms of the evaluating criteria, I thought the market opportunities and the demand are the two harder to evaluate than the other, because to answer these questions requires further information and researches. For example, I spend a lot of time to compare the snowball blaster gun and the covered bicycle in terms of the demand. It seems like during the winter, a whole covered bicycle may improve the experience of riding, but the snowball blaster gun also can provide more fun in playing with snow. To decide the winner, I go back to see the research I did last week. It reminds me that more people are interested in a cover bicycle than the snowball blaster. Thus I decide to give a minus sign to snowball blaster gun in demand.
If a "S" is counted for 0 point, a " -"is counted for negative 1 point, and a "+" is counted for 1 point, the final grades for the four ideas are:
屏幕快照 2013-12-09 上午10.53.17.png
As a result, I chose the snowball blaster gun as my final idea.

Here is the final sketch and some explanation of how to use it.

The Video
在 13-12-9 下午2.02 拍摄的影片.mov

Assignment 6

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Since last assignment, I picked ten favorite ideas from the previous idea generation practice. In order to test if these ideas have market potential and see how large is the potential, I tabulated these ten ideas into a form. I hold this form and waited in the parking lot of our neighborhood. I did a quick survey with the people who showed up in the parking lot using this form by asking the question of " if these are the real product, which one would you like to buy." For those people didn't hurry on time, I also asked the reason why they picked the specific product. The result came as:
img001 (2).jpg
By analyzing the results, five ideas have more market potential then the others. They win the competition. They are:

  1. The bicycle has windshield in the front of it.

  2. The whole covered bicycle.

  3. The snow gun. A toy in a gun shape and shot out the snowball by putting snow into it.

  4. The heater gloves help keep your drink warm if you hold the drink with the gloves.

  5. The color changeable bicycle. It changes color based on the temperature and the weather.

The people who taken the survey are the residents in the neighborhood. So there age varied from 6 years to approximately 50 years. I noticed that adults focus more on if the products are useful. So most of them votes for the windshield, the gloves and the whole covered bicycle ideas. However, three children of who taken the survey were more interested in the toy, and the color changeable bicycle.


To understand the similar product or concept in the market, I tired to find the similar product from the amazon, eBay and other retail online store, and read though the related comments made by people.

  • In the market, there are a lot of different bicycles have windshield. Some of them have larger covered area, some of them have smaller. Some of them are fixed on the bicycle, whereas some of them are a removable part. In terms of the price and the protection area, the products on the markets can be organized as:


  • The whole cover bicycle is also exists on the market. In terms of the price and the different degree of the cover area, the products can be present as:
  • The snowball blaster is a popular toy during the winter. There are variety kinds of snowball blaster products on the markets. Some of them require more hand working, whereas some of them are highly automatically.
  • The gloves have heater build in are exists on the market. But the idea is different from my idea. Most heater gloves on the market are used ti keep people's hand warm. However, my idea is to keep the beverage warm. Even though, the products can be analyzed in terms of the comfort level and the heat efficiency:
  • I didn't find similar product of color changeable bicycles based on temperature and weather. the most color changeable bicycles on the market are using the LED light installed on the tire or the paint that can change color based on the light and visual angle. However, there are some painting that use the technology that change the color with temperature:


  1. Windshield bicycles:

  2. Bicycle raincoat windshield frame:
    屏幕快照 2013-12-05 下午12.33.42.png

    Folder-shaped bicycle windshield
    屏幕快照 2013-12-05 下午12.39.26.png

  3. Whole covered bicycles:

  4. Whole-body-movement bicycle:
    屏幕快照 2013-12-05 下午12.40.48.png

  5. Snowball gun:

  6. Snowball Gun Toy:
    屏幕快照 2013-12-05 下午12.43.44.png

  7. Heater gloves:

  8. Glove with electric heating function:
    屏幕快照 2013-12-05 下午12.44.40.png

  9. Temperature based color changeable bicycles:

Temperature sensitive exterior paint, roof material and wall coverings:
屏幕快照 2013-12-05 下午12.34.01.png


Assignment 5


Recently, the idea generation is about the problem statement: How might we protect the riders of bicycle from be hurt of the cold whether? And how to make it easier for the riders to get their bicycle after snow?.

Start with the second statement I tried to use the method l learn from the the class to generate some new ideas based on the bicycle.

1. The wind shield helps prevent the wind. I came up with this idea by use the substitute tool. I ask myself , what I can replace or change any parts of my products?

2. The warm-up handle helps to keep your hand warm. This idea also made from the substitute question, what I can replace or change any parts.

3. Bicycle with solar panel to help provide the energy to keep the rider warm. This idea was guide by the question "can I use a different energy source"?

4. The bicycle with weather predicted radio. This idea came up after I asked the question "what ideas or parts can be combined"? It is one of question from the combine tool.

5.The bicycle key can work as a heater. This idea was also from the combined consideration, I asked myself, can I combine or recombine its parts' purposes.

6. Bicycle with whole shield to protect the rider from the cold weather. This idea was from the substitute question "can I change my perspective". By adding a shield the bicycle doesn't looks like a normal bicycle any more.

7. The bicycle has electricity generator. It can store the kinetic energy and generate electric energy to keep the bicycle move. This idea came up after thinking about an alternative energy resource.

By using the tabulate tool, HIT Matrix, I have these two new ideas:matrix.jpg

1. The bicycle has road predictor installed:

2.The bicycle has the anti-skidding tires:

After review the recent ideas related the winter theme, I picked 10 of my favorite ideas:
1. The electric generator bicycle:
2. The wind shield bicycle:
3. the whole cover bicycle:
4. The snow gun:
5. The warm gloves:
6. The deflatavel tire:
7. The ski bicycle:
8. The color changeable bicycle:
9. The Auto clean system:
10. .auto-keeping the position bike

Assignment 4

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From last week's research, there are two problems limited the happiness of the winter biking experience. The two problems can be stated as:

  • How might we protect the riders of bicycle from be hurt of the cold whether?

  • How might we make it easier for the riders to get their bicycle after snow?

So this weekend, I have six of my friend get together to brainstorm the solution of the problem. They are:
Zhifei Chen, who is a senior architecture student. But he has another meeting, so he just stay us with half hour.
Feifei Zhang, who used to be an architecture student in U of M, but has already graduated last year.
Siwei Ren, similar as Feifei, who used to be a architecture student in U of M, but has already graduated last year.
Suiyu Chen, who majored in statistic and business.
Huanxinlaing, who is a computer science student.
Mingyuan Jiang, a economics student.
Eventhough, they are all my friends, they know little about each other before today's meeting. Thus, at the beginning, people are a little bit nervous and embarrass. But I am confidence that their different backgroud will give a lot of surprise ideas.
To warm up and get every know each other, I start the brainstorming session with "ZipZapZop".
I think we all have a lot of fine from this. And all group members start familiar with each other and the environment become more relax and comfortable.
After several round, the people get excited. To deep involve my group and focus their attention. I make up the game " How many fives".
To start the game, every one has their thumb out, as well as put the other hand on the ear. Each thumb is counted as a "five". If one hides his or her thumb, then it counted zero. So there are totally maximum 30 and minimum zero. Start from one person, he guesses the number accumulated by the thumbs at simultaneously people hide their thumbs. If he guessed right, every one need to put the other hand on the top of the thumbs, the last one is considered lose the game, if he didn't guess right, it 's next person's turn.
After the warm up game, we are ready to brainstorm.

People explain their ideas to each other before I pined them on the wall.
Siwei is sharing his idea:

Mingyuan is sharing his idea:

Feifei is explaining her idea:

Suiyu is talking her idea:

Huanxin is sharing his idea:

During the brainstorm session, I try to use some idea generation tools to encourage my group. First I used the random words sheet to open the brute think. I choose this tool because it really help me when I use this in the class practice. In addition, it is easy to prepare, so I really want to share this useful too with my friends.

屏幕快照 2013-11-20 上午2.53.30.png

I also involved the role storming into the brainstorm session to help the idea generation. I choose this method because I thought it is interesting and I felt my mind was opened very well when I practice this in the class.
屏幕快照 2013-11-20 上午3.02.35.png

Finally, we get 167 ideas in the 30 minutes. So our IPM is 0.92

After the idea generation, we tried to sort the idea into categories.

And our categories are:shielding, lock system, hat, mask& head protect, entertainment, sport, multifunction, transform, auto-control, clean the road, rider protector, speed up, accessory, bicycle protect, group bike.
6.jpg6.jpgn: center; display: block; margin: 0 auto 20px;" />

After sorting the idea, we vote for the idea. These are the top ten popular ideas.

1.Bicycle cover from Zhifei.
2.deflatavel tire from Feifei
3. warm mask from Siwei
4. skiing board from Suiyu.
5. color changeable bike from Heyu
DSC02438.JPG the position bike from Zhifei
7.Auto track system from Feifei.
8.automatic cleaning system from Mingyuan
9.find my bicycle from Zhifei
10. wiper glass from Huanxin.
our idea generation process is 30mins and we totally have 167 ideas, so our IPM is 0.9278.

Assignment 3


My sub-theme for this research is winter biking. I am an international student from China. I haven't try to bike to the university before. But when I was in my high school, I bike to school for three years. In terms of the geography, my hometown is located at the middle of the China by north. The winter there is also snowy, but it is not as heavy as it in the Minnesota. So in order to have a good research on my sub-theme, I planed to interview three people who have rich experience of winter biking.
When I considered my interviewee, I thought it's not necessary to narrow the experience of riding, but it also can be the experience related to design a bike, sale a bike or manage the bikes. Since two weeks ago I received a letter from my apartment manager to announce the residents who have bicycles should put them inside the building.
I am curious about why our apartment has this policy, so I made an appointment with my apartment manager Joe to interview his experience about winter biking. Before went to meet him, I practiced how to ask my questions and guide my interviewees to tell their stories at home. I prepared some questions and use the audio recorder app during the interview. DSC02318.JPG
Joe has worked for my apartment for more than twenty years, and he lived in Minnesota for more than fifty years. Actually there are three buildings under his charge. He said every year, at the end of the October, the management office will announce the residence to move their bike inside. I asked why they have this police. Joe said because during the winter, most of the residents won't use their bicycles. The bicycles left on the Bike Racks looks like junk in the yard. The manage office want the yard looks great so they don't like the junk-like bike chained to the bike racks. Then I ask why those bicycles will looks like junk. Joe said, since people don't bike to school after snow any more, and they don't take care of their bikes. I traced the problem by asking another why. Why they don't use their bicycles any more? Joe said, there are about 30 people biking to school in the three buildings. After the first heavy snow, there are only about 5 people keep biking to school. He thought the reason was the snow will cover their bicycles and every morning you want to use the bicycles, you need to dig the bicycles out in the cold wind. Plus, the ice on the road is the potential risk that threat to safety of biking.
This is the bike rock at the yard of my apartment:
After Joe, I interviewed another staff in the management office, Mike. Mike used to live in Seattle, and moved to Minneapolis later with his family. Based on his experience, he said, the temperature varies the experience a lot. The winter in Seattle is not as cold as it in Minnesota. There is no snow cover on the ground, but a lot of rain. When it is raining, he wears the hat or hoodie to protect himself from wet. In Minnesota the most challenge things are straggle against the string wind, the snow cover on the bike after one class, and the ice on the road. But he still prefer bike to school, because the time is more flexible and don't need to worry about traffic issue especially when the peak time.
My last interviewee is my neighbor, Jiang. I haven't talk to him before, but after explained my assignment, he was willing to help me. Jiang comes from China too. His hometown is ChengDu. The winter there is warmer than it in my hometown, since he haven't see snow in his hometown. Similarly like Seattle, the winter in ChengDu is wet due to the rainy. He usually bike to school except the day after heavy snow. Because, there is too much sludge on the ground and makes him easily to fall down. He has fallen down three times before. All these occurred when he wanted to turn the corner. But he still prefer bicycles because it is the most economical way compared to other transportation. He mentioned that compared to the bike route in China, he felts unsafe when he was biking on the road in Minnesota. I can understand it, because in China, there are some physical separate barrier between the auto lane and the bicycle lane. However, in Minnesota, the two lanes are just separated by lines drawn on the ground and different colors. If the road is slippery, the risk of the vehicle, as well as bicycles turned to an unexpected direction is high. Based on my experience as a driver, I always keep myself far away from the biker when I approached, even though it may lead me pass the white line on the road. Sometime when I need to turn right at the intersect, I have to pass across the bike lane to reach the right-turn line.
These two pictures are from internet that show the bicycle lane in China, from the picture, it is obvious that the bicycle lane is separated from the auto lane by landscape:
To farther explore the sub-theme, I observe the people on the street who are riding the bicycles, include the tires of the bicycles, the clothes they wear, and the behavior they have.
These pictures show how they store their bicycles:
These pictures show how they ride and what they wear to keep warm:
During this weekend, I tried to bike from home to school. I plan to rent a bicycle from the Metro Bike on the St.Paul campus and returned it to the station at the front of the Williams Hall. But it seems like they don't provide the service any more.
Fortunately, I borrowed a Jiang's bicycle. It took me some times to adjust the height of the seat. Finally, I started my trip. This is my neighbor's bicycle:
It was a little bit cold. Even though I wear hat, gloves and scarf, my face still feel cold due to the oncoming cold wind. Since it is the first time I am riding on the road in United States, I found it need some effort to force the bike in the green bicycle lane.
The opportunities I found from the research is:

  • Cover the places that store the bicycles, so that students don't need to dig their bicycles out from the snow after their class.

  • Need something to protect the face from the cold wind.

  • Redesign the auto lane and the bicycle lane to low the risk of traffic accident.

  • Need something to provide a warmer environment for the rider.

Assignment 2


This Friday, I played my favorite card game, Sanguosha, which means the war within three kingdoms, with my friends. This is a popular card game in China that can be played with 2 to 10 people. Its background is built on the true history and a classic Chinese novel based on this historical period. Recently, University of California Berkeley involved this card game in a Chinese history course to help student exploring the Three-Kingdom period and understand the classic Chinese novel.
屏幕快照 2013-11-04 上午5.16.58.png
There are four different card types in the game. First is the character card. All of the characters in the game are the historical figures in the Three-Kingdom period. Different characters have different skills during the competing.
images 1.jpg
Second is the identification card to divide players into three groups to fight against each other. The red and yellow are in one team, whereas blue and green form teams separately. The final survivor's team is the winner.
Third is the action card. Those are the actions you may take during the fight to kill your enemy or protect your partner. There are several different actions, for example, "attack":
Last is the blood card, which shows how much blood the player have left. When the number of blood down to zero, the player is dead in the game. The initial number of blood is determined by the character. In general, different characters can have the initial blood number of three, four, five or eight.
When think about the winter, the first thing comes to my mind is cold. Based on that, my mind fly to the clothes, the sport, the holidays and the transportation. Here is my mind map.
I came up with 10 silly ideas from my mind map. The first is the ice fishing swimming suit. This idea comes from the sport sub-theme, which allows people to do the winter swim and ice fishing at the same time.
The second is a warmed-up bicycle. This idea is from the transportation sub-theme. It is a bicycle covered by a clear shield, and on the shield there are heat lights to keep the rider warm. The heat-light at the front of the bicycle helps dissolve the snow on the road. All the electricity required to support the heat lights is from the rider's work.
The third idea is again from the transportation sub-theme. The snow cleaning system is built on the outside of the car's window and the front bump. The system output warm wind to help speed up the snow dissolve rate.
The fourth is a gun coffee mug, which comes from the sub-theme of food and drink. By putting the instant coffee powder in the gun handle, adding water into the mug, and hold the switch to light the water heated, a cup of coffee is prepared.
The fifth idea combines the clothes sub-theme and the food sub-theme. It is a pair of heated gloves. You can keep your drink warm or heat your cold drink by wearing the gloves and hold your drink.
The sixth idea is from the snow sub-theme. This snow fight gun is aimed to make snowball easily and quickly during your snow fight with your friends. The snow fight gun can shoot a perfect snowball out by just adding the snow to the cartridge.
The rest ideas are all come from the holiday sub-theme. The seventh idea is a backpack stool. This backpack can be transformed to a small stool, when you are in a long line of the Black Friday shopping fight.
The eighth idea is a Christmas tree cookie maker. Instead cut on a cookie dough sheet, you can easily put or your material in to this maker and squeeze the cookie make to get a Christmas tree shaped cookie.
The ninth idea is a Christmas tree lamp. With this lamp, you can always see a beautiful Christmas tree in the room and don't need to worry about its wilt.
The last idea combines the Christmas theme and the transportation theme. It is a reindeer motorcycle.

Assignment 1


The challenge of this week is to do some creative cookie. However I have no experience on how to make cookie. So I considered I should try some easy thing to start.


I bought this cookie powder in the grocery store and follow the instruction on the package. I mix the powder, an egg and a stick of Margarine together in a big bowl. And finally make this dough.
Then I spray some baking oil on the cookie sheet.
After that I put one inch dough on the cookie sheet and set them away 2 inches. And put my favorite plum on the cookies.
Set up the oven to 350F put the cookie in and wait for 8mins.
However it comes far away as I expected.
fortunately, I have extra materials and I start my second trail.
This is the materials I am going to use this time.
This time, I just put 1/3 of stick of margarine so that I can cut the cookie in shape.
Make a dough as before. This time the dough is drier than the previous one. Rolling it to a 1/4 inch sheet. Put some flour on the cutting board.
Cut the dough sheet into square shape and sent them to 350F oven.
After 6mins I get:
I cut the extra cookie to make the cookie more square. This time I get a better shape because the advise on the internet:"if you didn't get the correct shape, it's because you make your dough too thick."
Let's give the cookies 5mins rest and prepare the "glue" during this time.
melt the white chocolate in hot water and get my "glue".
Use the white chocolate to glue five pieces of cookie together make a cube box.
Cut some pineapples.
Put them into the cookie box and I get my fruit cookie.
The cookie always sweet. When I have cookie I also want some fresh flavor. I consider why not combine my two favorite things together.And cookies always lie on the plate. What if they can stand on the plate?

This an upgrade 2.0 vision for my fruit cookie box. After my roommate tried my original cookie box, she give me the feedback that the box is hard to be eaten. Thus I came up with this cookie box 2.0:
Thumbnail image for DSC02293.JPG
It begin with same dough that I used before, which is made by the cookie powder, 1/3 stick of Margarine and an egg. I put them into the square shaped baking plate like this:
Thumbnail image for DSC02282.JPG
After 10 minutes baking under 350F, it came out with:
Thumbnail image for DSC02284.JPG
Then I cut the pineapple into small pieces and put them in those cubic cookie bowls. At last, I melt the chocolate and sprinkle them onto the pineapple.

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