Assignment 1


The challenge of this week is to do some creative cookie. However I have no experience on how to make cookie. So I considered I should try some easy thing to start.


I bought this cookie powder in the grocery store and follow the instruction on the package. I mix the powder, an egg and a stick of Margarine together in a big bowl. And finally make this dough.
Then I spray some baking oil on the cookie sheet.
After that I put one inch dough on the cookie sheet and set them away 2 inches. And put my favorite plum on the cookies.
Set up the oven to 350F put the cookie in and wait for 8mins.
However it comes far away as I expected.
fortunately, I have extra materials and I start my second trail.
This is the materials I am going to use this time.
This time, I just put 1/3 of stick of margarine so that I can cut the cookie in shape.
Make a dough as before. This time the dough is drier than the previous one. Rolling it to a 1/4 inch sheet. Put some flour on the cutting board.
Cut the dough sheet into square shape and sent them to 350F oven.
After 6mins I get:
I cut the extra cookie to make the cookie more square. This time I get a better shape because the advise on the internet:"if you didn't get the correct shape, it's because you make your dough too thick."
Let's give the cookies 5mins rest and prepare the "glue" during this time.
melt the white chocolate in hot water and get my "glue".
Use the white chocolate to glue five pieces of cookie together make a cube box.
Cut some pineapples.
Put them into the cookie box and I get my fruit cookie.
The cookie always sweet. When I have cookie I also want some fresh flavor. I consider why not combine my two favorite things together.And cookies always lie on the plate. What if they can stand on the plate?

This an upgrade 2.0 vision for my fruit cookie box. After my roommate tried my original cookie box, she give me the feedback that the box is hard to be eaten. Thus I came up with this cookie box 2.0:
Thumbnail image for DSC02293.JPG
It begin with same dough that I used before, which is made by the cookie powder, 1/3 stick of Margarine and an egg. I put them into the square shaped baking plate like this:
Thumbnail image for DSC02282.JPG
After 10 minutes baking under 350F, it came out with:
Thumbnail image for DSC02284.JPG
Then I cut the pineapple into small pieces and put them in those cubic cookie bowls. At last, I melt the chocolate and sprinkle them onto the pineapple.


I think this was a really creative idea! In the beginning of your blog, I didn't know how you were going to make it different enough but you really did! I thought it was a good idea that you showed your first time making cookies, that shows us that you put the work into it. Your cookie overall, is extremely creative in shape and flavor with the addition of the pineapple and white chocolate. I do think that it would be beneficial to include your process in your blog. I like your cookie idea, but I have no idea how you got there!

I think your trail and error process was a very effective approach for you! It really worked out in your favor in the way that your cookie developed. The shape of your cookie and the concept of including the pineapple and chocolate on the inside but not mixing it into the actual cookie mix is a very innovative approach to the concept of the cookie!

I like the number of iterations you executed, as well as how you integrated sweet in two different ways: the cookie and the fruit! The type of cookie you made really benefited from the cookie form, which was a very unique idea. I think to take the process to the next step, it would be effective to try different types of dough recipes instead of sticking with relatively the same base recipe for all iterations, try adding some fruit to the dough maybe!

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