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This Friday, I played my favorite card game, Sanguosha, which means the war within three kingdoms, with my friends. This is a popular card game in China that can be played with 2 to 10 people. Its background is built on the true history and a classic Chinese novel based on this historical period. Recently, University of California Berkeley involved this card game in a Chinese history course to help student exploring the Three-Kingdom period and understand the classic Chinese novel.
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There are four different card types in the game. First is the character card. All of the characters in the game are the historical figures in the Three-Kingdom period. Different characters have different skills during the competing.
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Second is the identification card to divide players into three groups to fight against each other. The red and yellow are in one team, whereas blue and green form teams separately. The final survivor's team is the winner.
Third is the action card. Those are the actions you may take during the fight to kill your enemy or protect your partner. There are several different actions, for example, "attack":
Last is the blood card, which shows how much blood the player have left. When the number of blood down to zero, the player is dead in the game. The initial number of blood is determined by the character. In general, different characters can have the initial blood number of three, four, five or eight.
When think about the winter, the first thing comes to my mind is cold. Based on that, my mind fly to the clothes, the sport, the holidays and the transportation. Here is my mind map.
I came up with 10 silly ideas from my mind map. The first is the ice fishing swimming suit. This idea comes from the sport sub-theme, which allows people to do the winter swim and ice fishing at the same time.
The second is a warmed-up bicycle. This idea is from the transportation sub-theme. It is a bicycle covered by a clear shield, and on the shield there are heat lights to keep the rider warm. The heat-light at the front of the bicycle helps dissolve the snow on the road. All the electricity required to support the heat lights is from the rider's work.
The third idea is again from the transportation sub-theme. The snow cleaning system is built on the outside of the car's window and the front bump. The system output warm wind to help speed up the snow dissolve rate.
The fourth is a gun coffee mug, which comes from the sub-theme of food and drink. By putting the instant coffee powder in the gun handle, adding water into the mug, and hold the switch to light the water heated, a cup of coffee is prepared.
The fifth idea combines the clothes sub-theme and the food sub-theme. It is a pair of heated gloves. You can keep your drink warm or heat your cold drink by wearing the gloves and hold your drink.
The sixth idea is from the snow sub-theme. This snow fight gun is aimed to make snowball easily and quickly during your snow fight with your friends. The snow fight gun can shoot a perfect snowball out by just adding the snow to the cartridge.
The rest ideas are all come from the holiday sub-theme. The seventh idea is a backpack stool. This backpack can be transformed to a small stool, when you are in a long line of the Black Friday shopping fight.
The eighth idea is a Christmas tree cookie maker. Instead cut on a cookie dough sheet, you can easily put or your material in to this maker and squeeze the cookie make to get a Christmas tree shaped cookie.
The ninth idea is a Christmas tree lamp. With this lamp, you can always see a beautiful Christmas tree in the room and don't need to worry about its wilt.
The last idea combines the Christmas theme and the transportation theme. It is a reindeer motorcycle.


I like that you have a unique way to get in a relaxed mood for this assignment. However, I think you went into too much detail about how the game works rather than why you enjoy it.

I appreciate that your mind map is color coded, it makes it very easy to understand that you have several main ideas with detailed descriptors for each. However, the image is a little hard to read here, so maybe listing a few ideas would be helpful for the reader.

You came up with unique ideas, but you didn't describe to the reader how you chose topics to pursue. You did a good job creating silly ideas, not worrying whether or not they were practical or about the implications of the product.

I really liked all of your ideas and products. You used your mind map effectively. Also four groups of winter related words are categorized into different colors, so it was easy to see and identify what words related to in which group. Especially I like the idea of a gun coffee mug, and I thought that was an awesome product. I would buy it if these were sold on the market since I am a big coffee lover. I wonder if the gun mug is chargeable, like a battery use or USB plug system, in that case I can bring it to school and make coffee while I am using my computer. The warmed-up bicycle was the second impressive product for me. I think the bike is really creative and it would meet the need of bike lovers in Minnesota during winter. I wonder if the bike is economically maintainable.

My suggestion is that it might be more visual if you used some images on your mind map. About the ninth idea of the Christmas tree lamp, I thought you could elaborate a little bit more combining one or two more sub-themes. I just also realized that if you could give each detail of what sub-themes you used to make your products, it might be useful for the reader.

Overall, all of your products are so interesting and very creative!! I really enjoyed them!!

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