Assignment 4

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From last week's research, there are two problems limited the happiness of the winter biking experience. The two problems can be stated as:

  • How might we protect the riders of bicycle from be hurt of the cold whether?

  • How might we make it easier for the riders to get their bicycle after snow?

So this weekend, I have six of my friend get together to brainstorm the solution of the problem. They are:
Zhifei Chen, who is a senior architecture student. But he has another meeting, so he just stay us with half hour.
Feifei Zhang, who used to be an architecture student in U of M, but has already graduated last year.
Siwei Ren, similar as Feifei, who used to be a architecture student in U of M, but has already graduated last year.
Suiyu Chen, who majored in statistic and business.
Huanxinlaing, who is a computer science student.
Mingyuan Jiang, a economics student.
Eventhough, they are all my friends, they know little about each other before today's meeting. Thus, at the beginning, people are a little bit nervous and embarrass. But I am confidence that their different backgroud will give a lot of surprise ideas.
To warm up and get every know each other, I start the brainstorming session with "ZipZapZop".
I think we all have a lot of fine from this. And all group members start familiar with each other and the environment become more relax and comfortable.
After several round, the people get excited. To deep involve my group and focus their attention. I make up the game " How many fives".
To start the game, every one has their thumb out, as well as put the other hand on the ear. Each thumb is counted as a "five". If one hides his or her thumb, then it counted zero. So there are totally maximum 30 and minimum zero. Start from one person, he guesses the number accumulated by the thumbs at simultaneously people hide their thumbs. If he guessed right, every one need to put the other hand on the top of the thumbs, the last one is considered lose the game, if he didn't guess right, it 's next person's turn.
After the warm up game, we are ready to brainstorm.

People explain their ideas to each other before I pined them on the wall.
Siwei is sharing his idea:

Mingyuan is sharing his idea:

Feifei is explaining her idea:

Suiyu is talking her idea:

Huanxin is sharing his idea:

During the brainstorm session, I try to use some idea generation tools to encourage my group. First I used the random words sheet to open the brute think. I choose this tool because it really help me when I use this in the class practice. In addition, it is easy to prepare, so I really want to share this useful too with my friends.

屏幕快照 2013-11-20 上午2.53.30.png

I also involved the role storming into the brainstorm session to help the idea generation. I choose this method because I thought it is interesting and I felt my mind was opened very well when I practice this in the class.
屏幕快照 2013-11-20 上午3.02.35.png

Finally, we get 167 ideas in the 30 minutes. So our IPM is 0.92

After the idea generation, we tried to sort the idea into categories.

And our categories are:shielding, lock system, hat, mask& head protect, entertainment, sport, multifunction, transform, auto-control, clean the road, rider protector, speed up, accessory, bicycle protect, group bike.
6.jpg6.jpgn: center; display: block; margin: 0 auto 20px;" />

After sorting the idea, we vote for the idea. These are the top ten popular ideas.

1.Bicycle cover from Zhifei.
2.deflatavel tire from Feifei
3. warm mask from Siwei
4. skiing board from Suiyu.
5. color changeable bike from Heyu
DSC02438.JPG the position bike from Zhifei
7.Auto track system from Feifei.
8.automatic cleaning system from Mingyuan
9.find my bicycle from Zhifei
10. wiper glass from Huanxin.
our idea generation process is 30mins and we totally have 167 ideas, so our IPM is 0.9278.

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First off I think adding pictures of your brainstorming group laughing was a really nice touch. Having a lot of them gave me a really good vibe about how smoothly and exciting your brainstorming session was.

You had two "How might we" statements but it wasn't very clear how you distinguished the two in the brainstorming session. Did you separate the session into two smaller ones focused on each problem statement, or was it one giant session in which both problems could be addressed at the same time?

Another addition that could help would be to describe some of the top ten ideas you posted.I'm not sure what auto-keeping position means and you posted the auto-cleaning idea twice.

Besides that you organized your blog really well. It was easy to read and the pictures really added warmth to the post in such a cold time of the year.

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