Assignment 5


Recently, the idea generation is about the problem statement: How might we protect the riders of bicycle from be hurt of the cold whether? And how to make it easier for the riders to get their bicycle after snow?.

Start with the second statement I tried to use the method l learn from the the class to generate some new ideas based on the bicycle.

1. The wind shield helps prevent the wind. I came up with this idea by use the substitute tool. I ask myself , what I can replace or change any parts of my products?

2. The warm-up handle helps to keep your hand warm. This idea also made from the substitute question, what I can replace or change any parts.

3. Bicycle with solar panel to help provide the energy to keep the rider warm. This idea was guide by the question "can I use a different energy source"?

4. The bicycle with weather predicted radio. This idea came up after I asked the question "what ideas or parts can be combined"? It is one of question from the combine tool.

5.The bicycle key can work as a heater. This idea was also from the combined consideration, I asked myself, can I combine or recombine its parts' purposes.

6. Bicycle with whole shield to protect the rider from the cold weather. This idea was from the substitute question "can I change my perspective". By adding a shield the bicycle doesn't looks like a normal bicycle any more.

7. The bicycle has electricity generator. It can store the kinetic energy and generate electric energy to keep the bicycle move. This idea came up after thinking about an alternative energy resource.

By using the tabulate tool, HIT Matrix, I have these two new ideas:matrix.jpg

1. The bicycle has road predictor installed:

2.The bicycle has the anti-skidding tires:

After review the recent ideas related the winter theme, I picked 10 of my favorite ideas:
1. The electric generator bicycle:
2. The wind shield bicycle:
3. the whole cover bicycle:
4. The snow gun:
5. The warm gloves:
6. The deflatavel tire:
7. The ski bicycle:
8. The color changeable bicycle:
9. The Auto clean system:
10. .auto-keeping the position bike


I think you have a great topic with protective bikes and I am a bit envious if I have to say so. I would have been interested to see all the ideas you generated in the SCAMPER brainstorming. I also think you put the wrong picture in for the 3rd overall idea, the whole bike cover.

Relating to the bike ski idea, one of my initial ideas was to put skis on the side to essentially do what training wheels do for children. It would prevent falling if circumstances started getting bad.

Good ideas, I think you have a lot of potential!

I like the theme of biking in winter, as an avid year-round biker I have to agree with fadne019's jealousy. I love so many of your ideas! I am curious about the drawings, though. Did you draw all of them, or did you use some from your brainstorming session? There is such a stark contrast between some of the drawings (the snow gun, for example, is so beautifully drawn it came as a bit of a shock after the colored marker drawings above it). I know it probably would have taken a lot of time, but drawing the rest of the ideas with that level of detail would have been another level above and beyond that would have added a real air of professionalism to your blog. Even so, great ideas and great organization.

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