Assignment 6

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Since last assignment, I picked ten favorite ideas from the previous idea generation practice. In order to test if these ideas have market potential and see how large is the potential, I tabulated these ten ideas into a form. I hold this form and waited in the parking lot of our neighborhood. I did a quick survey with the people who showed up in the parking lot using this form by asking the question of " if these are the real product, which one would you like to buy." For those people didn't hurry on time, I also asked the reason why they picked the specific product. The result came as:
img001 (2).jpg
By analyzing the results, five ideas have more market potential then the others. They win the competition. They are:

  1. The bicycle has windshield in the front of it.

  2. The whole covered bicycle.

  3. The snow gun. A toy in a gun shape and shot out the snowball by putting snow into it.

  4. The heater gloves help keep your drink warm if you hold the drink with the gloves.

  5. The color changeable bicycle. It changes color based on the temperature and the weather.

The people who taken the survey are the residents in the neighborhood. So there age varied from 6 years to approximately 50 years. I noticed that adults focus more on if the products are useful. So most of them votes for the windshield, the gloves and the whole covered bicycle ideas. However, three children of who taken the survey were more interested in the toy, and the color changeable bicycle.


To understand the similar product or concept in the market, I tired to find the similar product from the amazon, eBay and other retail online store, and read though the related comments made by people.

  • In the market, there are a lot of different bicycles have windshield. Some of them have larger covered area, some of them have smaller. Some of them are fixed on the bicycle, whereas some of them are a removable part. In terms of the price and the protection area, the products on the markets can be organized as:


  • The whole cover bicycle is also exists on the market. In terms of the price and the different degree of the cover area, the products can be present as:
  • The snowball blaster is a popular toy during the winter. There are variety kinds of snowball blaster products on the markets. Some of them require more hand working, whereas some of them are highly automatically.
  • The gloves have heater build in are exists on the market. But the idea is different from my idea. Most heater gloves on the market are used ti keep people's hand warm. However, my idea is to keep the beverage warm. Even though, the products can be analyzed in terms of the comfort level and the heat efficiency:
  • I didn't find similar product of color changeable bicycles based on temperature and weather. the most color changeable bicycles on the market are using the LED light installed on the tire or the paint that can change color based on the light and visual angle. However, there are some painting that use the technology that change the color with temperature:


  1. Windshield bicycles:

  2. Bicycle raincoat windshield frame:
    屏幕快照 2013-12-05 下午12.33.42.png

    Folder-shaped bicycle windshield
    屏幕快照 2013-12-05 下午12.39.26.png

  3. Whole covered bicycles:

  4. Whole-body-movement bicycle:
    屏幕快照 2013-12-05 下午12.40.48.png

  5. Snowball gun:

  6. Snowball Gun Toy:
    屏幕快照 2013-12-05 下午12.43.44.png

  7. Heater gloves:

  8. Glove with electric heating function:
    屏幕快照 2013-12-05 下午12.44.40.png

  9. Temperature based color changeable bicycles:

Temperature sensitive exterior paint, roof material and wall coverings:
屏幕快照 2013-12-05 下午12.34.01.png


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Your blog is very well organized. I was unable to look at the survey very closely though - I would suggest maybe breaking that up a little bit so the readers on the blog can understand it better. It is a great idea to get random responders from various age groups - this can really get you an idea of who the target consumer would be. I am interested in how you came up with your cost estimates though. I also am interested in the current prices of the products you found on the internet. Are your cost estimates within the price range already on the market?

The temperature sensitive bicycle is very interesting. I think that could be a novelty - know the temperature just by looking at the bikes!

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