Assignment 7


Pugh Chart
After seven weeks study and go through the idea generation process, it is finally the time to get an ultimate idea to work on in the future. To decide which is the final idea, I start with the top five ideas that I got from the survey last week, which are:

  1. The bicycle has windshield installed.

  2. The whole covered bicycle.

  3. The snowball blaster gun.

  4. The beverage heater gloves.

  5. The color changeable bicycle.

I start to evaluate them by developed a Pugh Chart. I use the whole covered bicycle as my benchmark, because from last week's benchmarking research, I learnt that there are many different kinds of similar products in the market, and from the survey results, people would like to own one, however, for some reason, only a few people actually own one and ride them everyday. So I thought using it as a benchmark will provide a good reference, and since it was a benchmark, the other four ideas can have more opportunity to be explored forward.
The evaluation criteria of my Pugh Chart was generated by asking the following questions:

  1. Can I communicate it clearly?

  2. Am I personally interested in the idea?

  3. Are there good market opportunities?

  4. How unique is the idea?

  5. Is it feasible to turn it into a product?

  6. Is there a clear need?

The above question are reflected as the word clear presentation, interesting, market opportunities, unique, feasible, and demand respectively.
屏幕快照 2013-12-09 上午10.34.37.png
When compared these ideas in terms of the evaluating criteria, I thought the market opportunities and the demand are the two harder to evaluate than the other, because to answer these questions requires further information and researches. For example, I spend a lot of time to compare the snowball blaster gun and the covered bicycle in terms of the demand. It seems like during the winter, a whole covered bicycle may improve the experience of riding, but the snowball blaster gun also can provide more fun in playing with snow. To decide the winner, I go back to see the research I did last week. It reminds me that more people are interested in a cover bicycle than the snowball blaster. Thus I decide to give a minus sign to snowball blaster gun in demand.
If a "S" is counted for 0 point, a " -"is counted for negative 1 point, and a "+" is counted for 1 point, the final grades for the four ideas are:
屏幕快照 2013-12-09 上午10.53.17.png
As a result, I chose the snowball blaster gun as my final idea.

Here is the final sketch and some explanation of how to use it.

The Video
在 13-12-9 下午2.02 拍摄的影片.mov


I really like your overall layout, and how you labeled all of your ideas and the different categories for the Pugh chart. One thing I noticed is that you don't have a name for your product yet, so make sure you brainstorm for that! Your final sketch looks professional and clearly conveys what the product does, but maybe adding some color would make it stand out even more?

For your video, I liked how you incorporated a story into your pitch at the beginning, it made the need for your product very clear. To keep your pitch within the one minute cut-off, though, you might want to make the "story" part shorter and include a bit more about who your target market is, because you didn't talk much about that. Great job overall though, I'm looking forward to your in-person elevator pitch tomorrow!

Heyu, your video was very clear. The anecdote about sharing snowball making duties with your friends was a good origin point for the product.

The Snowball Blaster seems like it would be a lot of fun. I think that the Walleye Tank was a bt confused because of the graphics at the top of the poster. The revolver was apparent, but I am not sure they understood the plus sign and then the snowflakes would add together to make the product.

Your blog is very neat; I like how you made the tables. Your content is very detailed. You have a great sketch!! Very detailed. The video is a little quiet, but you did a great job on your pitch yesterday! I really like this idea. I don't know the physics behind it but I feel like this could work. I'd definitely want one.

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