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March 28, 2008

An Apple a Day

After a month of not-so fastidious adherence to the Pollan mantra of food consumption, I have become sick. I'm not sick of what I am eating (whole foods are still just as delicious), I've actually gotten a series of virus or bacterial diseases. So excuse this entry as I am still in a state of stuffy-nosed, pressurized cranium surliness. My question of the month is why am I getting sick?

I just assumed upon beginning my journey into healthy feeding that I would also develop a healthy life, as in, little to no sickness. The funny thing is, I haven't been this ill so many times in such a short period of time in my entire life. Besides my different choices of food, nothing else has changed. I still live in the same apartment, study the same amount of hours, etc. This problem seemed just too coincidental, but could my healthy eating actually lead to sickness, disease, and mortality?! (Okay, maybe not mortality. That's just my surliness kicking in.)

I set out to solve this mystery, and the first place I stopped was at the scene of the crime, the refrigerator.

First shelf: spinach leaves, iceberg lettuce, carrots;
Second shelf: milk, eggs, ketchup, hotdogs
Fridge: Chicken patties, chicken fingers, espresso coffee ice cream, corndogs

Hmmm...maybe I haven't been so conscientious of my food intake after all. The fridge was full of rehydrogenated crap. Thinking back to last weekend (which is very tiring when your brain is melting at 103 degrees), I remembered the alluring 3 for 1 deal at Cub Foods which inevitably got me to buy a lot of microwavable junk food.

Wait of minute...there's always recalls of microwavable meat; it's either contaminated or has already gone bad...maybe this was Cub Food's diabolical plot to sell off all of its bad inventory. Yeah, probably.

OK, sickness mystery solved. I'm not ill from wonderfully nice, healthy food. I just ate too much tainted meat.