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Chipotle Revisted

So nix everything I said about Chipotle. Soon after my last blog, a Chipotle brand manager came to my marketing class to talk about his company and his job. First off, I need to correct an error; Chipotle has not been a part of McDonald's since 2007. In fact, prior to that, McDonald's was just a venture capitalist with a majority stake in the company, and it never made any management decisions.

And to clarify about Chipotle's food sources. Turns out their suppliers for raw materials from meat and vegetables all the way down to their paper napkins are all natural. Nowadays, the term "natural" is slapped on any company, even Roundy's potato chips say they have all natural flavorings (which is crap-they just keep extracting chemicals from natural sources until there's nothing "natural" left). But Chipotle actually goes to all of its suppliers and does routine checks to make sure no hormones are thrown in chicken feed and no pesticides are sprayed on the avocados. Their napkins are a dirty brown because they refuse to bleach them due to the environmental degradation that causes.

But all this information should be taken with a grain of salt because it is the brand manager of Chipotle telling me all this afterall, and he's the giant burrito in the advertising field. Still, I've changed my mind regarding the healthy-eatability of Chipotle's food. I think that Pollan would approve of their fajitas, although he'd probably only eat half and save the rest for dinner.