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Have it your way?

Another week, another diet. Now I'm starting up on Subway. I figure I'm not really breaking from Pollan's guidelines because I'm still (a) eating unprocessed food that are (b) mostly plants. Problem is, I'm buying from a franchise which is automatically not local and even though the food is alright, the business model is all wrong.

On a side note, all this healthy food is really getting to me. Yesterday, I went to McDonald's, got a Big n' Tasty and large fries, and my stomach felt like crap literally 20 seconds after swallowing.

Speaking of McDonald's, at least I'm not eating at its subsidiary, Chipotle. It might fit the bill of having local, non-prescriptioned-up chicken, but it's definitely violating the "Not too much food" part of Pollan's mantra. Seriously. Each burrito has over 3,500 calories. Can you get more ridiculous? Plus, when compared to McDonald's business, at least Subway is owned by an association of supposed "Doctors". McDonalds was born out of a failing salesman who basically stole the idea of creating fast hamburgers and ran with it.

So all in all, Subway isn't that bad. Watch out Jared. Here I Come.

EDIT: Wow, I just read over what I wrote and I basically convince myself to eat organized food. But it tastes so good toasted.