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All this talk about Pollan made me wonder what he's up to these days. Pondering this, I went out on a search for him. Turns out he's currently a journalism professor at Berkeley, so I've got no chance of seeing him anytime soon. Oh well, I doubt Pollan's good looking in real life anyway, though I suppose he should be healthy and vibrant consuming his self-made diet. Skipping the tangible, I google-newsed his name and lo-and-behold, he had just made an appearance on the Sydney Morning Herald. That's Sydney as in Sydney, Australia dear readers. That's right. Pollan's message has traveled across seas and flipped hemispheres.

The article is called "Eat, think, and be wary", and follows the usual guidelines about Pollan's views on food and the books that he's written about it. What I found especially interesting were the accompanying pictures. One showed a birds-eye view of Pollan's vegetable garden at his California abode. Pollan is pictured in it, wearing dirty jeans and a long, green tee (haha, I get it, green for the "green movement"), merrily hoeing or racking around some tender lettuce shoots. The whole scene is so idyllic of the Pollan revolution, that is, moving from a fast-paced, fast food world back to an era of slow consumption and working for your next meal.

Pollan says, and many would agree, that one feels better about something if he labors a lot to accomplish it. That's what I really want to get out of this whole Pollan diet experience; the pleasure of eating. Part of that comes from knowing all the ingredients of my meal and feeling good about where they came. Another part comes from that internal giddiness of having made something by yourself. Above all, I just want to enjoy my food.