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Lonely Road

I'm feeling like I'm at that moment In Mister Roger's neighborhood when Mister Roger's finishes feeding the fish and visiting the land of make believe, he sits back down and sings a song of farewell. Similarly, it has come time for me to bid adieu as well.

It seems like such a long time ago when I decided to conform my life to Pollan's ideals about healthy eating. I look back at my first blog post and see a youthful me, earnestly trying to fit each and every Pollan rule into my dietary habits. Months past and I become more and more lax about what would be considered edible in Pollan's eyes, and it gets to a point (the Chinese bakery) where I am almost at odds against the health diet, inciting a mini rebellion within myself to not conform.

I have had my good weeks (like when I ate only Vietnamese sandwiches) and my bad (don't really want to talk about how many Little Caesar's pepperoni and sausage pizzas I have eaten to date), but at least I can be proud of myself for keeping the healthy eating idea alive within me. I have to admit, if it weren't for this blog, I probably wouldn't have been so diligent in trying to keep up to standards.

What's really astounded me is how much I think I change the world. Seriously. Prior to this food craze, I didn't do anything good for the myself or for the world. After starting up on the Pollan diet, I've found my energy levels continuing to increase and my weight continuing to decrease, but most importantly, I've started doing things that the pre-Pollan me wouldn't have done. I started volunteering at a homeless shelter, working as a peer tutor, and even advocating for safer cosmetics (and I don't even use makeup). Maybe these things don't have anything to do with my change in diet, but as the saying goes, you are what you eat. I hope that the Pollan ideals that I have been consuming have been the impetus to the actions I have taken.