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Not exactly apple pie

All along, I've been doing this thing to the Pollan healthy diet by twisting it to fulfill my ethnic needs. Ethnic needs? Am I trying to destroy America by smothering it in the red flag of communism and devour the world's rice supply? Not really. I just want to eat something to tastes like home. To that end, I've been hitting up the chinese bakery, Kaefer Court, on west bank a lot these days.

It's a cute, little place, barely visible to the eye but for the little window showcasing imaginary deserts. Once inside, it resembles a warmer, happier version of Starbucks, except instead of coffee highlights, it's all about the food. Behind a double-thick glass enclave and under yellow-tinted fluorescent lights set rows upon rows of baked goods from wintermelon cakes to sticky rice balls.

Everything costs around $1, so the last time I went, I grabbed four yummy items totaling $5. The owner of the place made everything from scratch so there was little chance I would be chewing on xanthum gum or red #4. Other than that, the entire affair is thoroughly UNhealthy. Even as I sit writing this, the box of delectable treats is leaving grease stains on my table.

Pollan might be a little conflicted about what do with these Chinese delicacies, but I have no doubt. In fact, I'm swallowing a sesame ball right now.