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The Food of Makeup

I just got my mind blown. You heard me, dear reader, my brain actually detonated and parts are currently orbiting earth as we speak. OK, maybe not that intense, but it sure felt like it. I went to this beauty seminar, and I don't mean one of those, "Are you a spring or summer girl? Summer? OK, I'm going to show you in 5 easy steps how to brighten up your face and rejuvenate your look", it was actually more like a health thing. My friend needed extra credit for her bio class and pulled me along because she didn't want to get bored by herself.

I think she was still bored in the end, but I, like I said, was blown away. The whole thing was sponsored by the U's health and spirituality department, and it was held at the Moo's tower auditorium, which automatically made it seem more credible. The master of ceremonies (or whatever you call the intro person) asked the audience if they had put 5 or more different types of chemicals on their body that day. A few people raised their hands, but then the woman started listing off everything that had chemicals in it, like shampoos, body lotion, perfume, face cleanser, soap, etc. and soon everybody had their hands raised.

She followed up her question with the statement that while the chemicals in individual items are insignificant, after applying 5 or more items, that amount is no longer so small, and can cause major problems such as skin cancer down the line. She let the audience soak up that thought for a moment before introducing a woman who wrote a book on the subject, a women's health advocate and the founder and CEO of Aveda. While the introduction was whatever, her first statement hit me hard. I've always prided myself in not wearing makeup or doing my hair with sprays and mousses because I thought those were the things that were going to ruin my health. Turns out, ordinary items used for cleanliness are actually harming me too.

I sat in silent agony and completely zoned out all the other people talking and asking questions until my friend bumped me to listen to the Aveda guy (because she likes Aveda, not the guy, she doesn't know the guy). What he said sucked my brainy bits back from the troposphere and recoagulated it into one piece. He said, "why not make products that go on your skin out of food? If your body can handle and digest food on the inside, isn't food the safest choice to put on the outside?"

Genius. This is natural living at its peak. From now on, I'll make cucumber and tomato salad, and whatever is left over will be used to wash my face.

OK, not trying to be sarcastic. I think what he said makes sense. From now on, the ingredients list for the food and skincare products I buy will be the same so that I can keep myself healthy, inside and out.