Birth of Empire & Screening out the past

In Screening out the past, the author describes how the film industry changes over years, and the author also shows David Griffith's influence on the film history. According to the article, in early 19th century, these film makers were not interested in making the movie for moral lessons; instead, they made films for money. When Griffith came to the film industry, because of his harsh life experience, he focused more on ordinary people and tried to make effort to utilize film as the expression of real life.

I thought May use Victorianism to describe the mass culture in the 19th century. According the article, people are classified by different classes. But all of them would go to the movie theater to watch the same movie, but they may have different understanding of the movie because of their different working background. The other interesting point I like from the article is the author is saying Griffith fused the idealism to youth. At the beginning of the article, the movie is utilized as a positive social force, so the ideal ending of the movie is expected. But when Griffith came to play, he made movies show the innocence of his characters and the reality of life in 19th century. He disregarded the politics and favored poor class's life. In the author's view, Griffith was able to put the reality into the creation of the movies.

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