Get any article with "Find IT" and ILL

If we don't subscribe to a particular journal in the library... fill out an ILL request! You can have any journal article (not subscribed through UMN) emailed to you within one to two days through an inter-library loan (ILL) request. This free library service will request the article from another library and email the pdf directly to you. You can fill out interlibrary loan requests from the library web site (click ILL) or create your free account at the ILL page.

What's really nice is once you have an account, any article that the library doesn't have access to can be requested with just a click of the "Find IT" button. So whether you are in searching GeoRef, Web of Science, or even Google Scholar (set preferences first), the "Find It" button will link you directly to the article or give the option of a pre-filled ILL request if we don't have it. This works for books too!