Information Literacy

Information Literacy...things you need to know to effectively find, retrieve, analyze, and use information. How your librarian can help?

1. Online: The libraries host CourseLib pages, created by your librarian, to present a list of selected resources that your students might use when doing their research. The librarian is also available or consultation by IM Chat, Phone, email, or in-person office hours.
Ex. A CourseLib page for a geology class

2. In person: Work with your librarian to incorporate a hands-on workshop into a course assignment designed to test the skills and understanding of finding information sources in the literature and on the web. In one 50-minuet session, the librarian will demonstrate how to use the tools and then work with the students to analyze a specific problem.
Ex 1. Find an article containing the spectra of a chemical that relates to this weeks lab assignment using a database (Web of Science, SciFinder Scholar, GeoRef).

Ex 2. Using analysis tools such as Journal Indicators to identify an appropriate journals to which to submit your article. Next download their publishing agreement form and discuss how to manage your copyrights when signing a contract with this publisher.
Ex 3. List of example workshops available