Who is Citing You? Get email alerts.

The library database Web of Science (formerly Science Citation Index) can be set to deliver e-mail notifications each time someone cites your work. Here are brief instructions on setting up these alerts, but feel free to call me for more personalized assistance.

  1. Start at the Web of Science homepage.

  2. Search by author's last name and first, middle initials. Ex. "Last, FM" (...indecently also a great website for free music).

  3. On the next screen, refine the results to Institution (Univ Minnesota) and view the results (since 1974).

    Note: From the results screen you may "Create a Citation Report," linked in top right of results screen. This will show who has cited which paper and when.

  4. Setting up alerts is a bit cumbersome since you must do it for each individual paper (and not by author). Back in the results screen, click on an article title. In the right, under "Cited by" there is a link to "Create a citation alert." Click this link for each article you wish to track who is citing.

    Note: You will need to sign up for a free Web of Science account.

The limitation with Web of Science however will be where your work is cited, for example, if you get cited in a narrow society journal not covered by this database, you will not see this result. Google scholar may let you see these obscure citations (search by article title, then click "Cited by") but the capacity to track citations is not yet available.

More Info:
For more info on the Web of Science, I teach a workshop called "Research Made Easy: Discover the Web of Science." Check the Sci/Eng library for the next available session (probably in the fall).