August 2008 Archives

Fall Course Reserves

Just a friendly reminder that the library is accepting items to be placed on reserve for the fall semester. I encourage you to add any textbooks, solutions manuals, or additional reading to our reserve collection. We are happy to add both library copies (search MNCAT to see if you textbook is already in Walter) or personal copies. Walter is happy to welcome a new staff member to our circulation staff, Priscilla Pope who handles the Sci/Eng Reserve Collection. Please contact her with your course materials (Walter Library Circulation desk, 612-626-9567,

Uploading electronic materials is easy too. Find out how to provide secure, online access to lecture notes, presentation slides, and practice exams at

New Books for June (e-books!)

Note: The library has significantly increased its collection of electronic books by purchasing all of Springer's ebooks from 2005 to the present. There were so many new ebooks this month that it is not practical to include all of them, so the Springer titles in this list represent only a sampling. You can find over 5000 Springer ebooks in our catalog. You can see the full package at