Test combined power of GeoRef and Geobase one search

I have set up a trial access to the two databases GeoRef and GeoBase on one combined platform, Engineering Village. This interface will combine the two indexes for more comprehensive literature search results, plus a few extra tools:

  • A new results mapping tool plots geological features included most often in GeoRef and GeoBase search results on a digital map, giving users insight into the geographical context of their research.

  • Not only can you search across GeoRef and GeoBase, but you can include the two database the library already provides through the engineering village, Inspec (physics, geophysics) and Compendex (engineering, geotechnical).

  • Set-up automated search alerts that update you to new research in your field of interest

I am considering switching to this interface, so please send me your feedback by October 1st. Thanks!
Try the new platform with GeoRef and GeoBase at http://www.engineeringvillage.com

Compare to the current versions on separate platforms: