Google Scholar Links to Library Resources

I've been frustrated by our library catalog lately and the sheer number of library databases (nearly 600!) are overwhelming and can be hit-or-miss on whether you might find the article you are looking for.

Luckily Google Scholar has shaped up to be a reliable way to access most article citations, and though a partnership with the Library, you can use Scholar to get full-text access to all library supported e-journals.

Here's how it works. In Google Scholar set your preferences (next to the search box) to "Library Links" = University of Minnesota - FindIt@U of M Twin Cities. Then each time you search Google, Scholar will display FIND IT Links to the library content - both electronic and print - otherwise a ILL link will appear for your convenience.


Also useful in preferences, you can set Google Scholar to provide citation export links in the format of your choice, like the free citation manager, RefWorks, that's supported by the library.