IT Library Committee Update

The following message was sent out to the IT Library Committee Members on 1/30/2009.

Members of the IT Library Committee,

Much has been happening in the Libraries since we met last fall. Here is a quick summary:

1. Walter Library now has a presence on Facebook, It includes our current workshops and events, news items, and photos. We currently have 17 fans, but would love more!

We also have a Twitter feed:

2. In addition, our own Kris Fowler, who has spoken at previous meetings of the IT Library Committee about changing models in scholarly publishing and retaining authors' rights, has co-authored an online guide entitled, "Developing a Scholarly Communication Program in Your Library," which is being promoted widely by the Association of Research Libraries and the Association of College and Research Libraries. It's available at:

3. Finally, I'm pleased to report that the University of Minnesota Libraries have received the prestigious "Excellence in Academic Libraries Award" for 2009, given by the Association of College and Research Libraries . A description of the award is available at:

I encourage you to read our actual nomination, which summarizes all that the Libraries have contributed to the University and beyond in recent years:

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like more information on anything I mentioned.



Janice Jaguszewski
Director of Academic Programs, Physical Sciences and Engineering
University of Minnesota Libraries
108 Walter Library
117 Pleasant Street S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55455