Undergraduate Student Labs

I'm curious to get your feedback on a web tool that the libraries are currently developing for students. It's called an "Lab Report Assignment Calculator" and it helps walk students through the process of creating lab reports. It can be viewed here: https://tools.lib.umn.edu/ac/?assnId=180

We are generating this base template, that will be fully customizable (click "Save to My Assignments" then "Unlock" to start editing), and are currently
seeking feedback from instructors and coordinators.

If you wouldn't mind, please send me your thoughts on the language, resources, and processed outlined? Is it relevant to introductory geology labs? What would you change? How might you scale it for the advanced lab courses?

I really appreciate your help. And if you have time, I'd be happy to call or stop by to hear what you think. Thanks, Lisa

More tips on how you can use the new assignment calculator at https://tools.lib.umn.edu/ac/instructortips.html