Solar Decathlon House Up and Ecofriendly

At last May's SCImagine1 event hosted by the Sci-Eng Library, the U of M's first ever Solar Decathlon team presented their engineering, and green-architectural design for what promises to be a winning house at the competition in Washington DC this fall.

But first, you can get free tour of the house on the St. Paul Campus from September 16-18, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. (Visit the Solar Decathlon Web site for more info.)

The house if located at the north side of Buford Place (just east of Gortner Avenue), U of M St. Paul campus. Visitors should park in the University's Gortner Avenue Ramp. From the ramp, turn left onto Gortner Avenue, walk past Buford Avenue, and turn right onto Buford Place.