October 19-23 is the first International Open Access Week

Open Access is an idea, a movement, and an approach to distributing information and research. Open Access publications make their contents freely available online to all.

The University of Minnesota Libraries are marking Open Access Week with a public awareness campaign. Celebrate with us!

  • Open Access Week website Watch Open Access 101 and "Voices of Open Access" videos; learn some myths about open access; read "Piled Higher and Deeper" comics, and more. Please share the link liberally! http://www.lib.umn.edu/scholcom/openaccessweek.phtml

  • Public poster campaign
    You will soon see orangey-yellow Open Access posters all over campus. They are aimed at students, researchers, creators, soon-to-be graduates, and everyone else, and are intended to get people thinking about how open access might affect them personally.
    If you spot one of these posters out in the wild, let us know - or better yet, snap a quick picture! - we'll be collecting them to share with others celebrating Open Access Week around the world.

  • Poster your own libraries and departments!
    You can print your own copies of the public posters, or additional posters detailing the NIH Open Access policy, the top 5 Open Access myths, and Open Access publications produced here at the University. Post them in your departments, in staff areas at your libraries, or out in public view!
    All OA Week posters - thumbnails.pdf