Notes from CSE Library Committee

CSE Library Committee Meeting, Dec. 9, 2010

1.  Collections Update (Meghan Lafferty)
  • The University Libraries were asked to model budget cuts of 3% and 5%
  • The collections budget is a part of that planning, with a tentative target of about $750,000
  • We must also plan for inflationary increases as well, potentially another $750,000
  • Planning and data gathering has just begun; subject librarians will be communicating with departments about what might be cut
  • Please consider how you now use the collection; for example, are subject databases as core your library research as they once were?  Do you use alternatives such as Google Scholar or arXiv or Web of Science instead?
2.  New Libraries Web Site - (Janice Jaguszewski)
  • Libraries web site includes new features for those who log in:
    • Customized Library Course Pages for every course a student is taking or an instructor is teaching (can include specialized e-resources to support assignments ,and links to print and online Reserves)
    • Ability for users to save databases, journals and other e-resources for easy access
    • Direct link to the subject librarian's contact information through the "Ask a Librarian" tab
    • Recommendations based on books checked out or articles read
  • Questions raised
    • Can the recommendations be "turned off"? 
      • Currently, you may opt out of journal and database recommendations.  I forwarded the suggestion to be able to opt out of book recommendations to our web development staff, and they will work on it.
    • How do these features relate to MyLibrary on the Portal?  
      • MyLibrary combines many of the customized/personalized features on the web site into one page; however, the web site has many additional links and options.
    • Do you still need a separate ID and password to request items through Interlibrary Loan?
      • Yes, but web development staff are working on the authentication process for the ILL system so that your x.500 ID and password will eventually also work for ILL -- stay tuned
3.  Contract considerations when publishing a book (Nancy Sims) 
  • Nancy Sims, Copyright Librarian, discussed the trend of print books now being published in an electronic format and the implications for authors.  See her handout for an outline of the issues (Ebooks Issues.pdf).
  • Prof. Paul Garrett described how he posted the contents of his textbook, Abstract Algebra, on the web (both on the University Digital Conservancy,, and on his own web site) and then negotiated to have a print copy sold by CRC Press.
4.  Negotiating a copyright transfer agreement when publishing a journal article (Prof. Tryphon Georgiou, Electrical Engineering)
  • Prof. Georgiou described his experience negotiating with Taylor & Francis to retain some of his rights to post his article on a web site
5.  NSF requirement to include a data management plan in all grant proposals (Meghan Lafferty) 
  • Meghan distributed a handout (NSF Data Management.docx) describing the requirement and ways in which the Libraries can support you:

Managing Your Data

Bringing together tools and resources including data repositories in various disciplines, research computing tools available on campus,


Introduction to Data Management for Scientists and Engineers

Hour-long recorded workshop

6.  Other topics