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On May 19 and 20 we held a library seminar for faculty and instructors in IT. Fourteen faculty and staff members attended a day and a half event that covered a wide variety of library tools and resources that could be incorporated into teaching, learning and research.

If you weren't able to attend, you can watch the recorded versions of the presentations at

In addition, we have included information and links based on questions we received during the seminar:

If you're interested in learning more please visit the site!

The Science Quiz Bowl is coming up on Sunday, April 25, for the start of IT Week. Student teams can now register on the web site.
You can also participate by becoming a fan on Facebook or following on Twitter--both options are available from .

The SMART Learning Commons will host a Cram Slam study event.

Cram Slam study event
Saturday, Dec. 12, 2009
1-5 p.m.
Walter Library, Room 101
Snacks provided!

One-on-one support will be available for math, chemistry, physics, economics, writing and more!

Select previously used exams will be available. To see a complete list, visit our Test Bank at

Free workshops will also be available for Math 1051, Math 1271, Econ 1101, Phys 1301W, Chem 1015, and writing. If you are interested in attending any of the workshops, please RSVP on the Cram Slam Workshop Web site.

SMART Learning Commons
Walter Library

Students: Library Study Break is back!

To all you hard-working and under-appreciated...Finals are upon us, but this doesn't interfere with your need for free food!
It's my pleasure to announce the:
Annual Science/Engineering Library Study Break
Wednesday, December 16th
Time: 7:00 PM
Where: Walter Library

Please join us for cookies, drinks (the studious kind...), and free prizes!!

Remember, we kick off the fun at 7pm sharp and go until...about when the cookies run out. So take a break from studying (or thinking about studying) and join us!!


Libraries Host 1st Emerging Tech Expo

The 1st Emerging Tech Expo was a huge success. We have over 100 library staff attend this event today in Anderson Library. As a member of the planning committee I was fortunate to be a part of the amazing planning that went toward creating a fun and energizing expo.

Here's the community blog version of the Expo. We list all of the emerging technologies that were on display for our staff along with links to some of the handouts. Please enjoy!

Presentations (120A Andersen Library)

11:15 am-11:45 am Libraries in Second Life
Denise Gamble (Staff Education & Development)
11:45 am-12:15 pm Power of the Google Apps Collaborative Suite
Susan McKinnell (University of Minnesota Office of Information Technology)
12:15 pm-12:45 pm UThink: Blogs in Action
Shane Nackerud (Information Technology - Digital Library Development lab)
12:45 pm-1:15 pm The Drupal CMS at the U of M Libraries
Cody Hanson (Academic Programs/Coordinated Educational Services) 

Exhibits and Demonstrations (120 B/C Andersen Library)
Table 1

Registration and Sign-in Table
and pick up your event materials here!

Table 2 Augmented Reality
Lisa Johnston (Academic Programs - Science & Engineering)
Table 3

Firefoxier: Improving Firefox With Add-ons
Andrew Palahniuk (Academic Programs - Coordinated Educational Services)

Table 4 Citation Managers:


Julia Kelly (Academic Programs - Agricultural, Biological & Environmental Sciences)
Jody Kempf (Academic Programs - Science & Engineering)

Kate Brooks (Academic Programs - Arts & Humanities)
Jon Jeffryes (Academic Programs - Science & Engineering)
Table 5

Social Bookmarking and YouTube
Kristen Mastel (Academic Programs - Agricultural, Biological & Environmental Sciences)

Table 6 Video Production, Editing, and Storage: Sanyo Xacti, iMovie, YouTube
Scott Spicer (Academic Programs - Coordinated Education Services)
Tony Ihrig (Academic Programs - Science & Engineering)
Table 7

iPhone / iPod Touch:  Mobility in Education
Mike McGraw, Gary Gruba (Apple)

Table 8

Instructional Technology:

Web Conferencing with UMConnect
Kirsten Clark (Government Publications Library)

Class Capture using Webcams, Microphones, and Camtasia Relay
Kate Petersen (Academic Programs - Coordinated Education Services)

Table 9

Screen Capture with SnagIt and Jing
Jan Roseen (Staff Development & Education)

Table 10

Social Networking: Facebook, Twitter, Ning, LinkedIn. ALA Connect
Liya Ai (Information Technology - Library Enterprise Operations)
Amy West (Academic Programs - Data Services)

Table 11

Online Multimedia Authoring with Pachyderm
Claudia Sueyras (Academic Programs - Archives and Special Collections and Information Technology - Digital Collections Unit)
Jason Roy (Information Technology - Digital Collections Unit)

Table 12 Google Tools: GMail, Documents, Chat, Sites, Survey, Wave
Janet Fransen (Academic Programs - Science & Engineering)
Jon Jeffryes (Academic Programs - Science & Engineering)
Jody Kempf (Academic Programs - Science & Engineering)
Table 13 Gadget Sandbox: Kindle, iPodTouch, Sony Reader, Dell Netbook, Android TTS, Pico Projector, Flip HD
Mike Sutliff (Information Technology - West Zone Computer Support)
Peter Weinhold (Information Technology - East Zone Computer Support)
Table 14 Technology Connections (tentative)

The IT Library Committee held their spring meeting on Tuesday, April 28, 2009, from 10:30-11:30 am in 310 Walter Library.

Faculty and Student Attendees:

  • Prof. Sandford Lipsky, Chemistry
  • Prof. Tryphon Georgiou, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Prof. Walter Littmann, Mathematics
  • Rrof. Roger Arndt, Civil Engineering
  • Prof. Freidrich Srienc, Chemical Engineering
  • Joao Boavido, Mathematics graduate student
  • Ben Hardt, Geology graduate student

Here are the meeting notes with links to resources. Please share broadly throughout IT.

To recommend agenda items for our Fall 09 meeting, contact the Director of the Science & Engineering Library, Janice Jaguszewski.

  1. Collection Updates

    Presented by Kris Fowler

    The Libraries have no definite information yet about next year's budget but have developed contingency plans for various budget-reduction scenarios, from flat funding, which would mean absorbing estimated 7% inflation on journals, to a 5% cut in addition to inflation. The Physical Sciences and Engineering group's priority is to protect journal subscriptions as much as possible and otherwise minimize adverse impact on students and researchers. The first targets for cancellation would probably be some article indexes, in areas where the material is discoverable in other ways; followed by measured reduction in book purchases, especially when we already have online access. Any cancellation project would involve consultation with students and faculty members in affected departments.

  2. The Library's Role in Supporting Teaching and Learning

    Presented by Janice Jaguszewski

    Presentation Slides
    Designing Effective Assignments Handout

IT Commitment Event at Walter

Walter Library hosted the stage for this year's prospective IT student Commitment event. Potential students and their families have an opportunity to take a look at what the U has to offer.

As part of this year's event our Reference Coordinator, Tony Ihrig, contributed a short video of the variety of resources the Science/Engineering Library has to offer, and I wanted to show it off. It's really amazing what Powerpoint can do!

View the full screen video here:

SCImagine! 2009: Solar House

SCImagine! 2009:

Solar House on the Prairie

Put up our poster in your classroom of office! Download Letter-size pdf


UMN Solar House Decathlon Team


Over 150 students in 10 teams from all over campus working to build one house completely powered by the sun! Come learn about their innovation!


Free, open to the public 101 Walter Library University of Minnesota, Twin Cities


Friday, May 8th, 2009 3:00-4:30 p.m.

What's a Solar House Decathlon?

(Picture of a Solar House team working on a system design.)

Solar House group web site:

One of 20 international teams invited to compete in Washington D.C. , this group is developing a house that relies only on solar power that is tailored to the Minnesota climate.

The team is broken down into 10 departments focusing on architecture, communications, commissioning, construction, marketing, interior design, logistics, procurement, solar integration, and structural engineering.

What is SCImagine!?
SCImagine emphasizes the Science & Engineering Library's role as an intellectual gathering place on campus. Each spring, the Library showcases University teaching, learning and research in the physical sciences and engineering, offering fascinating presentations and lively discussions.

2009 Quiz Bowl Results

Congratulations to the winning 2009 Quiz Bowl Team!

2009 Science Quiz Bowl championship was another success!. To kick off IT week the library hosted it's annual Jeopardy-like quiz competition with a science twist! Team "Joe Don Baker" (pictured here) beat out "The Thrust Faults" from Sunday's double-elimination tournament, a friendly competition including 28-teams of IT students.

Since we ran so many simultaneous games this year, it became a bit of a long haul for a few dedicated Quiz Bowl Moderators, aka your dedicated librarians. And none of this would be possible if not for the hard work of the Quiz Master herself, Mathematics Librarian Kris Fowler, the event organizer for the sixth year running!

Pictures are up at

2009 International Year of Astronomy

The University of Minnesota Department of Astronomy is a proud partner in the 2009 International Year of Astronomy (IYA). In celebration, the Astronomy Department will be involved in many exciting events throughout the year. All of these events, such as weekly (Friday's at 8pm) Observing Nights, will be open to the public. Visit our Web site and Events Calendar to keep track of what IYA events are happening locally.