January 21, 2009

Research Videos and ITunesU

From today's brief:

"THE RESEARCHCHANNEL'S SECOND ROUND OF CONTENT SUBMISSION provides an opportunity to promote the outstanding research and discovery that takes place at the U. Faculty, staff, and eligible students are invited to submit videos to the ResearchChannel by Jan. 30. To view the selection criteria and for additional information, visit OIT Video Solutions or the ResearchChannel Web site."

If you need some incentive,. read this article from the NYT's last week describing video search (like YouTube) as the future web search engine.

Also see:

October 23, 2008

Liberal Education Requirements and the Library

New for 2010, courses that meet the College of Liberal Education (CLE) requirements must include a brief paragraph (300 characters) of how each course meets one or more of the Student Learning Outcomes (SLO). As the deadline for re-certification approaches the libraries are happy to provide an instructor guide on "Improving Student Research" either in print (request) or pdf download. The booklet contains specific examples of ways to address the new CLE requirements of the university's Student Learning Outcomes.

I left few of these guides in the Pillsbury reading room and the electronic version is available at

April 4, 2008

Information Literacy

Information Literacy...things you need to know to effectively find, retrieve, analyze, and use information. How your librarian can help?

1. Online: The libraries host CourseLib pages, created by your librarian, to present a list of selected resources that your students might use when doing their research. The librarian is also available or consultation by IM Chat, Phone, email, or in-person office hours.
Ex. A CourseLib page for a geology class

2. In person: Work with your librarian to incorporate a hands-on workshop into a course assignment designed to test the skills and understanding of finding information sources in the literature and on the web. In one 50-minuet session, the librarian will demonstrate how to use the tools and then work with the students to analyze a specific problem.
Ex 1. Find an article containing the spectra of a chemical that relates to this weeks lab assignment using a database (Web of Science, SciFinder Scholar, GeoRef).

Ex 2. Using analysis tools such as Journal Indicators to identify an appropriate journals to which to submit your article. Next download their publishing agreement form and discuss how to manage your copyrights when signing a contract with this publisher.
Ex 3. List of example workshops available

Student Learning Outcomes

The University’s recent report on “Renewing Our Commitment to Liberal Education? noted that “students’ interpretive and evaluative skills have not kept pace with [the] information explosion? available through the Internet. “They can google ‘facts’ and information, but if they don’t understand how knowledge is created and how information is interpreted, then how can they assess what they google?? Last fall the university approved a set of learning outcomes to help address students' failing "information literacy."
View list of Student Learning Outcomes