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Excerpts from my May 2008 quarterly "Web Reviews" Column:
Sci-Tech Online Social Networks (May 2008). SciTech News. 62 (2), p32-35.

Recently more and more scientists are using social networking sites, like Facebook and MySpace, for research purpose. The New York Times article “On Facebook, Scholars Link Up With Data� cites examples such as Colorado’s study of news dissemination, Carnegie Mellon’s investigation of privacy issues, and Harvard’s study of an entire graduating class dissecting their tastes, habits and personal identities. With so much research coming out of popular networks, it is about time that the scientific communities set down the magnifying glass and socialize a bit for themselves. These are a few such social networking sites that are specifically devoted to scientists and engineers. They trade collaborate on research ideas, post articles, and even find a friendly librarian or two! If just one of these catches on within the sci-tech library user community, they could become the next collection development tool, faculty liaison profiler, or library communication vehicle.
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Sci-Tech Online Social Networks

Pronetos SciBlog BioMedExperts Academici Tiromed.com Sermo.com SciMeet Complore Nature Network MyExperiment Google Knol Scirus Topics Facebook

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Trust me these things come in handy when you need them. Tom Zegan